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The Funniest Reactions To The Leaders' Debate

Never forget Jonny Tudor and hairy gilet lady.

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The debate started, and people immediately noticed that they seemed to be watching a shit episode of "Take Me Out".

Christ. This is the worst 'Take Me Out' line up I've ever seen. "Let the ballot see the box". #leadersdebate

Then imagined what that would actually look like.

Which candidate will end up in Fernando's? #LeadersDebate

Nicola Sturgeon's excellent reactions were noted.

Nicola Sturgeon will be on Gogglebox tomorrow #leadersdebate

Ed's wistful glances evoked memories of a long-lost youth.

Ed, tired of listening to Farage and Cameron banging on, remembers a perfect summer day from his youth #leadersdebate

Of course, the Solero made an appearance.

Making an exception for a Solero pic tonight #leadersdebate

People paid close attention to the issues that mattered.

That moustache behind her is ACES. #leadersdebate

People were fans of hairy gilet lady.

Fuck shit up, lady-in-Chewbacca-gilet! Fuck. Shit. Up! #leadersdebate

Big fans.

Everyone shut up and look at this hairy gilet #leadersdebate

People also had #opinions about Nigel Farage.

FARAGE GLOSS LEVEL NOW AT: #leadersdebates

Especially this opinion.

mum talking about Nigel Farage: "he looks like a freddo face, doesn't he?"

when ur pissed and ur mum asks if you've been drinking

The nation fell for Jonny Tudor.

And it fell hard.

You said we were going to Nando's Johnny #leadersdebate

English people longed for Nicola Sturgeon.

Wish England could vote for @NicolaSturgeon #leadersdebate

Old-school grime fans made an amusing joke about Ed Miliband.

Something happened here that was funny.

This lovely photoshopped tweet was real in our hearts.

I am not sure the woman signing for the deaf was totally impartial #leadersdebate

Anne Robinson was there.

Julie Etchingham has put on some Anne Robinson styled glasses to give us that extra Weakest Link feel #leadersdebate

And probably Beyonce, too.

"Tidal's goal is simple - we want to create a better service and experience for the user and the artist."

And, of course, the British public went wild for the raw sexuality of Ed Miliband.

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