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Paranormal Story

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The Man In The Shower

I swear there is a demon or entity following me. When I was little (about 6 years old) I told my mom I kept seeing a man walking around in her room. It eventually got to the point where I felt like someone was always watching me. I couldn't go upstairs. I was terrified and would fall down crying if I had to go up there alone. I also remember telling my mom that someone kept poking my back when I was in the shower. One day I felt a poke and turned around and screamed. There was an old man with a goblin like face staring at me. My mom came in and screamed Bible verses at me until it went away. We got the house blessed. I am now 17 and live in a new house. Recently I have been feeling like something is watching me. I had to sleep with my mom for a few days because I was scared of going upstairs. It's back I know it. -Hannah

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