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26 Students Who Killed The Homecoming Style Game

BuzzFeed Life went to the Atlanta University Center's homecoming as part of our Black Colleges Issue, and we almost fainted in the presence of so many fly Morehouse, Spelman, and Clark Atlanta students.

1. This effortlessly sexy dress and bootie combination.

2. This...everything.

3. These perfect-for-autumn matching olive green dresses.

4. And this bright, tropical twist on sportswear.

5. This elegant blouse and sailor pant--werk, ma!

6. This statement sweater and delicate accessory combo.

7. This T-shirt that says it all.

8. This multi-layered visual ode to natural hair.

9. And this gorgeous dashiki, with earrings shining and fade fresh AF.

10. This whole dapper aesthetic.

11. Everything about this fly squad.

12. Especially these grills.

13. This nod to the Best Coast.

14. And this trio of flexes.

15. This dainty crop top contrasted with distressed jeans.

16. And this whole group's creative takes on menswear.

17. All black eeeeverything.

18. These perfectly coordinating prints.

19. And this casual ensemble perfect for a day spent enjoying a busy homecoming.