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    23 Times You Wanted To Make Andre 3000 Your Bae

    So fresh and so clean.

    1. The time he wore this crisp white suit to the MET Gala.

    2. That time his bow tie was perfectly color-coordinated.

    3. That time he looked like a futuristic painter.

    4. And that time his smile was the perfect accessory.

    5. That time he used fashion to point out injustice.

    6. That time he looked so good you almost didn't notice the Palm Pilot in his hand #tbt

    7. That time he served us hot Steve Urkel realness.

    8. And that time he looked positively dapper in green and white.

    9. That time he wore the goofiest tie and it was perfect.

    10. That time he rocked dad-pants and it was adorable.

    11. That time he wore this clean, coordinated ensemble.

    12. And that time he made this preppy look *werk*

    13. That time his whole outfit showed Europe that the South got something to say.

    14. That time he wore this retro pink look to the TRL Awards and stole our hearts.

    15. That time he leaned back and made us all *~lean in~* to this aesthetic.

    16. And that time he wore a belt that looked like it was made out of Archie comics.

    17. That time he made snacking look even more tempting.

    18. That time his hair...just...*weeps openly*

    19. That time he looked like a hot conductor.

    20. That time he wore this stunning coat and nothing else mattered.

    21. That time he wore a pink jumpsuit and blonde wig better than anyone else ever could.

    22. That time he looked like a Mondrian painting.

    23. And that time he...*fans self*