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    The 17 Most Underrated Beyoncé Songs

    It's not easy being ***Flawless, but this playlist of Queen Bey's slept-on hits will help you get there.

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    1. "Freakum Dress"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: B'Day

    Why it's good: This song is the ultimate hype track before a night out. Not feelin' your look when you first take a glance in the mirror? Put on "Freakum Dress" and hit a lil' twerk for yourself. You'll be singing a new tune in no time.

    Sample lyric: "Soon as you saw me, turned on by how the dress was fitting right

    / Short and backless (backless, backless) / See my silhouette in the moonlight"

    2. "Yes"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: Dangerously in Love

    Why it's great: This gem has a very old-timey vibe to it. Although it's a sad song about being fed up with a relationship, you'll find yourself lightly snapping your fingers to this laid-back jam because it's still Beyoncé. Duh.

    Sample lyric: "You was on the wall, I was with my crew / You was watchin' me, baby, I was watchin' you"

    3. "Hip Hop Star" feat. Big Boi and Sleepy Brown

    Columbia / Via

    Album: Dangerously in Love

    Why it's great: Sultry Beyoncé is the best Beyoncé and you'll definitely become hypnotized by her breathy singing as the hard beat of the song knocks in the background.

    Sample lyric: "Are you infatuated with me, I could end your curiosity / If you don't think I'm too rude, Here's your chance to make your move"

    4. "Kitty Kat"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: B'Day

    Why it's good: King Bey talks a good game when it comes to her 😸. People say Beyoncé wasn't overtly sexual until she released Beyoncé, but this song is proof that's not true. Upgrade your life and give this treasure a spin.

    Sample lyric: "Let's go, let's go little kitty cat, I think it's time to go / Let's go, little kitty cat, He don't want no mo'"

    5. "Flaws and All"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: B'Day

    Why it's good: This song is one of Bey's more vulnerable tracks, a series of admissions that she's not perfect (no matter how put together she may seem). It captures all the insecurities of being in love — knowing someone is eventually going to see your not-so-pleasant sides and hoping they'll love you anyway.

    Sample lyric: "I'm a peasant by some standards, But in your eyes I'm a queen

    / You see potential in all my flaws, And that's exactly what I need"

    6. "Green Light"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: B'Day

    Why it's good: For some strange reason this song doesn't get the love it deserves. If you're ever in the mood for a feel-good up-tempo joint that'll make you shimmy and shake, look no further than this song.

    Sample lyric: "You got the green light (whoa), You're the king, right? (whoa) /

    You holding up traffic, Green means go!"

    7. "Dance for You"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: 4

    Why it's great: This. Song. Right. Here. Is. Absolute. Baby-making. Music. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe how perfect this is. Listen to this while you're in reverie thinking about that someone special.

    Sample lyric: "Tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body / Boy I like it when you watch me, ah, Tonight it's going down"

    8. "Check On It" feat. Bun B and Slim Thug

    Columbia / Via

    Album: The Pink Panther Soundtrack (2006)

    Why it's good: This song features the line "good girls gotta get down with the gangstas," which is reason enough to love it. It's also an incredibly fun dance track, the kind that gets you dancing at the party even when you'd rather stand in a corner. It's a huge ego boost if you sing the lyrics, even if it's just to yourself in the mirror.

    Sample lyric: "If you got flaunt it, boy I know you want it / While I turn around you watch me check up on it"

    9. "Suga Mama"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: B'Day

    Why it's great: It sounds like a leftover track from the Austin Powers in Goldmember — very funky and upbeat. It's so good, you'll wanna buy your S.O. a shorts set.

    Sample lyric: "And I've always been the type to take care of mine / I know just what I'm doing"

    10. "That's How You Like It" feat. Jay Z

    Roc A Fella / Via

    Album: Dangerously in Love

    Why it's good: One of the first collabs between Bey and Jay, "That's How You Like It" is like a musical dedication to the honeymoon phase of a relationship. The two list all the things they like about each other with lots of "please don't ever change" refrains. Listening to it feels like having your first crush all over again but without the nausea.

    Sample lyric: "White T-Shirt, I love that / Timberland boots, you does that, it’s a fact"

    11. "Satellites"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: I Am...Sasha Fierce

    Why it's great: Listening to this song is like opening a music box: Your ears are met with a sweet and gentle sound, which is then only enhanced by the beautiful lyrics of this overlooked gem.

    Sample lyric: "If we don't communicate, we'll exist in our own space / We have all the love we need"

    12. "Schoolin' Life"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: 4

    Why it's good: This song is special because it doesn't sound like a traditional Bey song. It's very '80s sounding and it works because it's refreshing to hear Beyoncé play with a different sound. Also, the lyrics are low-key empowering.

    Sample lyric: "I'm not a teacher, babe, But I can teach you something / Not a preacher, But we can pray if you wanna"

    13. "Smash Into You"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: I Am...Sasha Fierce

    Why it's good: Another one of the queen's slower songs, "Smash Into You" is layered and gorgeous. It's a love song that captures the terrifying, thrilling feeling of colliding with another person's soul. It sounds and feels like letting go in the best way.

    Sample lyric: "Head down, As I watch my feet take turns hitting the ground /

    Eyes shut, I'm in love and I'm racing the Earth"

    14. "Signs" feat. Missy Elliott

    Columbia / Via

    Album: Dangerously in Love

    Why it's good: Are you a huge astrology buff? Or maybe you can't seem to remember the signs of the zodiac in order? Either way, Beyoncé and Missy Elliott got you covered. This song gives all the zodiac signs some lunar love...and also has both Missy Elliott and Beyoncé on one track. How can you go wrong?

    Sample lyric: "From Capricorns to Aquarius, They all got their different minds /

    The affection of a Virgo, Which sign matches good with mine"

    15. "Resentment"

    Columbia / Via

    Album: B'Day

    Why it's good: This is arguably Bey's best breakup record. It cuts deep and pulls no punches. You can hear the heartache ringing in every note. It's the perfect song for solo karaoke during long car rides or in the mirror at home. Can you imagine being the foolish human who inspired this record?

    Sample lyric: "Loving you was easy once upon a time / But now my suspicions of you have multiplied"

    16. "Fever"

    MTV Films / Via

    Album: The Fighting Temptations Soundtrack

    Why it's good: Our sometime-actress Bey sings this cover of the 1956 Little Willie John hit on the soundtrack of the 2003 film in which she plays the beautiful lounge singer Lilly. The classic is undeniably sultry, and Bey breathes new lustiness into the steamy track.

    Sample lyric: "You give me fever when you kiss me / Fever when you hold me tight"

    17. "Beautiful Liar" feat. Shakira

    Sony / Via

    Album: "Beautiful Liar (Single)"

    Why it's good: Beyoncé. And. Shakira. Together. This video is a dizzying sequence of impossible hip movements. The lyrics chronicle two women discovering and then teaming up against the man who's two-timing them both. And it's perfect.

    Sample lyric: "Let's not kill the karma (Ay), Let's not start a fight (Ay) / It's not worth the drama, For a beautiful liar"

    Did we miss any? Tell us below... and in the meantime enjoy this playlist: