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    15 Reasons Romeo Santos Is The King Of Bachata

    Feliz cumpleaños al Rey de Mi Coraz–err, Bachata.

    1. The time he sold out Yankee Stadium. Twice.

    2. The time he performed "Propuesta Indecente" from on top of...and then inside...a giant bed.

    Indecente indeed.

    3. And the time it hit a cool one billion views on YouTube with an average of 1 million daily views since its release in 2014.

    4. The time he casually popped out of the floor and surprised the audience to join Juan Luis Guerra in singing "Frío Frío."

    View this video on YouTube

    5. The time he got Drake to sing in Spanish on "Odio"...

    View this video on YouTube

    ...and helped encourage the evolution of Dominican Drake aka Plátano Papi.

    6. And of course the time Drake himself reposted a "Hotline Bling" dub featuring none other than Aventura playing in the background.

    7. Plus who else could get Usher to lend his sultry vocals to "Promise"?

    8. The time he and Marc Anthony basically made an entire spy movie in the 5:57 video for "Yo También."

    9. And the time he joined the cast of the most important action series of all time, The Fast and the Furious, for its seventh (7th!) film.

    10. The time he signed on as CEO of Roc Nation Latin.

    11. The time he performed for POTUS and FLOTUS at the White House.

    12. The time he released the song "Trampa de Amor" as part of Los Tinellers, which later became Aventura.

    13. The time the old squad got back together for a surprise reunion tour and sold out 4 whole shows in 45 minutes.

    14. The time he wore this jacket (and ring) to the Latin GRAMMYs.

    15. And of course, the time he embraced how inspirational he is to the #youth.