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    23 Makeup Bags That Will Make You Feel Like You Have Your Shit Together

    Let's be real, your purse is messy enough already.

    1. This eternally affirming bag.

    2. This adorable Pokémon go-bag.

    3. This Kylie bag for when you're still getting it together.

    4. This motivational speech masquerading as a clutch.

    5. This especially wonderful case.

    6. These adorable jelly clutches.

    Get the nail polish clutch here or the lipstick clutch here for $24.

    7. This dreamy clutch from ArtPillow.

    8. This Harry Potter bag for when you want an especially magical look.

    9. This exceedingly honest bag.

    10. Or this Doctor Who case if you're feeling more futuristic.

    11. ...Unless you'd rather go to Westeros.

    12. This bag for when your face is really just like that, OK?

    13. This adorable sushi case, rolls not included.

    14. This snarky reminder to your self(ie).

    15. This kaleidoscopic vision.

    16. This sweet message for the most important lady in your life.

    17. This makeup bag/financial planner hybrid.

    18. This adorable lil' guy.

    19. This spooky holder for your favorite ~science experiments~.

    20. This fabulously fro'ed hairspiration.

    21. This bag fit for a mermaid.

    22. And this especially ~adventurous~ one.

    23. And this reminder of what's most important in life.