22 Celebrities Defined By Urban Dictionary

Celebrity (noun): A regular person with lots of money and lots of attention.

1. Oprah:

Robin Marchant/Contributor / Getty Images

2. Usher:

NBC NewsWire/Contributor / Getty Images

3. Sean Combs:

Richard Bord/Contributor / Getty Images

4. Michael Moore:

Kevin Winter/Staff / Getty Images

5. Rush Limbaugh:

KMazur/Contributor / Getty Images

6. Drake:

David Wolff - Patrick/Contributor / Getty Images

7. Tom Hanks:

Dave Kotinsky/Contributor / Getty Images

8. Taylor Swift:

Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Contributor / Getty Images

9. Shakira:

Srdjan Stevanovic/Contributor / Getty Images

10. Michael Phelps:

FABRICE COFFRINI/Staff / Getty Images

11. Kanye West:

Kevin Mazur/Contributor / Getty Images

12. Bono:

Michael N. Todaro/Contributor / Getty Images

13. Snoop Lion:

Rob Ball/Contributor / Getty Images

14. Adele:

Mark Davis/Staff / Getty Images

16. Harry Styles:

Mike Marsland/Contributor / Getty Images

17. Tony Romo:

NFL Photos/Stringer / Getty Images

18. Kevin Bacon:

Riccardo S. Savi/Stringer / Getty Images

19. Hillary Clinton:

Larry Marano/Contributor / Getty Images

20. Mr. Worldwide:

Jeff Bottari/Stringer / Getty Images

21. LeBron James:

Mike Ehrmann/Staff / Getty Images

22. Grumpy Cat:

Vincent Sandoval/Contributor / Getty Images

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