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Which Vino Valley Member Are You?

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  1. 1. What's your drink of choice?

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    Anything but wine
    White wine, and white wine only
    Anything with alcohol to converse over (especially with men)
    Red wine
    Vodka cran
    I'm a simple girl (or boy), anything will do!
  2. 2. Where would you be at Ale?

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    Already left to get pizza
    Dancing on a chair, table or ledge
    Talking to EVERYONE
    Making out with someone you'll never talk to again
    Running around trying to find your idiotic friends
    Dancing, then puking, then dancing, then puking
  3. 3. What are you making for dinner?

    A 6-course meal
    Microwaving something your mom made for you
    Make? I just eat beans straight out of the can
    Something intricate and healthy, but you sliced your hand open in the process
    Chicken, you simple girl you!
    Contains one of the following: feta, quinoa, orange, or crackers
  4. 4. What do you say most?

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    *squeaky voice*
    OMG, aw *monkey face emoji*
    Wait, what?
    I just like to fart!
    Fuck Disney
  5. 5. What's your drink at Starbucks?

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    Black Americano
    Coconut Cold Brew
    Peppermint Mocha
    Cinnamon Dolce
    It changes every single time
    Hot chocolate with EXTRA chocolate shavings
  6. 6. Favourite place to drink outside of Kingston?

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    The Horse (Ottawa)
    Tequila Jacks
    Gracie's (Toronto)
    Rock 'n' Horse (Toronto)
    A night in with Jan and Molly
    A 5-star restaurant
  7. 7. Favourite drunk pizza?

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    Thin crust, multigrain, no cheese from Pizza Pizza
    Any kind of pizza
    Cheese pizza with the cheese ripped off
    Pesto chicken pizza
    Hawaiian pizza
    Cheese pizza, just a plain jane
  8. 8. What drug are you most like?

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    I don't do drugs
  9. 9. What are you mostly likely to wear?

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    Fleeces *monkey face emoji*
    Unwashed clothes
    Anything Clavin Klein
  10. 10. What do you binge watch?

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    Gossip Girl
    Disney movies
    Grey's Anatomy
    Anything on Netflix
    I don't have the attention span to binge watch
  11. 11. What's your biggest flaw?

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    You study too much
    You're too gullible
    Fall for too many boys (or girls)
    You like to slam too many doors
    You're not actually vegan... but you say you are
    You don't have your drivers license... and you're 20
  12. 12. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

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    Smashed your head through the kitchen window and concussed yourself
    Peeing in someone's face while they're puking
    Buying a cat off a homeless man and bringing it home
    Peeing in your housemate's bed
    Puking to Susan Boyle
    Almost getting arrested en route to Ale... but using the story for line skip
  13. 13. What family member are you most like?

    Weird Uncle Eddie
    "Fun" Aunt
    The girlfriend of your brother
    The friend of the family
    The family pet
  14. 14. Favourite study spot?

    SKHS Rolly Chair Room
    Stauff 4th floor
  15. 15. Who is your favourite frosh boy? ;)


Which Vino Valley Member Are You?

You got: Chlosif

Congratulations, you like to fart! Your favourite activities include: pooping, talking about poop, flatulating, and make gas-like noises. In addition, you're are also the kindest and most lovable person in the house. Your laugh is probably really aggressive and horn-like, but don't worry because your boyfriend will reassure you that you're still beautiful.

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You got: Vegan

You are probably a #veganwithbenefits and also enjoy #friendswithbenefits (just don't get too clingy). Your favorite activities include: a good ol' glass of wine at dinner, meditating by the water, and baking vegan goodies that your housemates will later demolish. You shower just the right amount... for a caveman. You also slightly resemble your dog.

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You got: Col Col

There's a lot to say about Col, BUT WE'RE IN A RUSH SO THERE'S NO TIME. "LET'S GO MICE 1, MICE 2, MICE 3... THERE WE GO C'MON HANNAH'S!" Okay but seriously, Domino's is probably on your speed dial and you weirdly like Whisky. You're the mom of the group and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Col Col
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You got: Jennifer

Most likely to: go to Kenya with a carry-on full of Starbucks, Divas, yogurt covered pretzels and Piggy. People always ask you how you get your top-bun so voluminous, but they'll never find out it's literally just your brain spilling out of your head because you study like a rock star. Or it's just full of things to say, no wonder you're such a chatterbox. You also probably say weird things like "nervous nelly", "what not", "uncomfy", and "finagle".

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You got: Sabbers

Honey... let me tell you something. You are one sweet momma with a dash of spunk. You are to go-to for fashion advice, but don't let the #onfleek outfit and winged eyeliner fool anyone, you can stuff 36 cabbage rolls down yur throat in 1.43 minutes. You're famous for the ol' Netflix and Chill, but you also like the occasional night out... ending with you on the toilet.

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You got: Banana

You're a frequent at Ale House, especially on the ledges and chairs dancing like you own the place. But you probably do, considering you're a #richgirl from your worldwide comedy tour. Kidding, you actually have no money because you spend it all on Kombucha, Lululemon, and vodka crans. Need a caption or photo edited for your Insta? You've probably already done yours and your housemates too!

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