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Tell Us The Most Annoying TV Inconsistency You Know

Tell us the slip-ups that have never slipped your memory.

TV – we know it, we love it. But every so often, there are some shows that slip up with their continuity.

So tell us – what TV show error has always annoyed you?

Does knowing that Chandler said "I love you" to Monica for the first time twice get on your nerves?

Did Dan's constant shock reactions to Gossip Girl's blasts leave you rolling your eyes?

Maybe you couldn't see past the fact that, in the credits of Fresh Prince, Will's mum looks kinda like a granny, but in the show, she's actually young and glamourous?

Whatever it may be, tell us the TV show inconsistency that's never gotten out of your head, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!