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    18 Little Things We All Learned From Watching The "High School Musical" Movies

    Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat. Never forget.

    1. High School Musical taught us that you should be prepared to meet your soulmate at any moment.

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    Especially if you're at a ski resort on New Year's Eve and there's karaoke: be ready.

    2. It showed us that your head must always be in the game, and nowhere else.

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    A life lesson to follow above everything. Even if your heart's in the song.

    3. Speaking of the game, HSM actually taught us some pretty useful basketball tricks.

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    Troy's dad gave us great tactics — you've got to fake right, break left, and never be afraid to shoot the outside J.

    4. It taught us that true friends will laugh at your jokes, even if they're a bit shit.

    A real friend will always hype you up.

    5. And that when you're in love, sometimes it's totally okay to be really, really dramatic.

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    I mean, who wouldn't want to sing about heartbreak in front of a six foot poster of their soul mate, right?

    6. HSM also taught us that when it comes to baking, the cooking possibilities are endless.

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    I bet you didn't know about apple pandowdy before High School Musical.

    7. Oh, and crème brûlée always gets the girl.

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    Only if it's perfect though!

    8. Speaking of food, Sharpay taught us that the best turkey comes from Maine.

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    It's fabulous, apparently.

    9. Kelsey proved that you can make literally any pop song really deep and emotional if you slow it down, and sing it over some soft piano.

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    This rule can be applied to every single hit from the last decade.

    10. Ryan showed us all that there is a hat for every occasion.

    When in doubt, throw a hat on — style advice to live and die by.

    11. Speaking of which, HSM also taught us that embracing your unique style is essential.

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    Seeing the entire cast proudly flaunt tankinis, studded bootlegs, and useless belts proved that confidence is the most important fashion accessory of all.

    12. High School Musical 2 taught us that having a summer job with your friends is an essential rite of passage for every teen.

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    It's not about making money, it's about making memories.

    13. Troy proved that if you've ever got a dilemma, some heartfelt singing will help you think it all through.

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    It'll help you work things out.

    14. He also showed us that you can never go wrong with a bit of dramatic power posing.

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    It works wonders for your confidence.

    15. Ryan and Sharpay taught us all how to hype anyone up in Spanish.

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    TBH, "mucho gusto. Aye que fabulosa" really comes in handy when you want to make friends while on vacation.

    16. They also proved that when in doubt, you should just do a jazz square.

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    It's a crowd favourite — we all know that everyone loves a good jazz square.

    17. The many layers of Sharpay showed us that there's always more than meets the eye when it comes to the baddie.

    She was a bit of a bitch, but we couldn't help feeling for her. The genius writing of HSM basically taught us all about yin and yang in kid friendly terms.

    18. And finally, the most important lesson that the whole gang taught us: never forget your roots.

    Disney Channel

    Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

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