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What Film Did You Think Was Going To Be Lighthearted, But Turned Out To Be Pretty Dark?

Tell us the movies that totally caught you off guard.

When it comes to films, the poster and trailer usually tell you what you're in for.

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But sometimes, it seems that they miss out some shocking details of the movie you're about to watch.

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So tell us: What films are way darker than they let on?


Does the ending of A Star is Born still haunt you?

Warner Bros. Pictures

Did you feel like the plot of Slumdog Millionaire was way more harrowing than the poster suggested?

Pathé Distribution / Warner Bros. / Fox Searchlight Pictures

Perhaps you weren't expecting the first half of Big Hero 6 to be quite so heartbreaking.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Whatever it may be, tell us the films that were way darker than you thought they'd be below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!