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    18 Magical Things From The Harry Potter Universe That Would Be Really Useful In The Muggle World

    Accio toilet paper would be life changing.

    1. Imagine all the dramatic exits you'd be able to make with floo powder.

    2. And you'd never be late if you could apparate.

    3. Having Hermione's bag would be truly life changing.

    4. An invisibility cloak would be handy for obvious reasons.

    5. And the Marauder's map would be pretty handy too.

    6. Family life would be forever changed by a tracking clock, à la the Weasleys.

    7. Parents, bars, and older siblings everywhere would appreciate an age line.

    8. Puking pastilles would get you out of having to attend anything you didn't want to.

    9. You'd never have to worry about the last train if the Knight Bus existed.

    10. And you'd win every single argument if you had a pensieve at your disposal.

    11. How easy would it be to just summon things using the accio spell?

    12. Moving staircases would make any building so much better.

    13. Everybody would appreciate the charm that makes the dishes wash themselves.

    14. If muggles could use alohomora, we'd never have to worry about lost keys.

    15. Reliving memories would be so much better with the binoculars' magical cousin — omnioculars.

    16. A spell checking quill would basically autocorrect all your mistakes.

    17. Imagine being able to shove all of your clothes into your own personal room of requirement.

    18. And finally, think of all the lie-ins you could have if you owned a time turner.