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21 Reasons Why The Powerpuff Girls Were Totally Badass Feminist Heroes

They were three badass girls who saved the world like it was nothing.

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The Powerpuff Girls were three strong independent girls who proved that they could save the whole world without the help of anyone else.

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1. They were badass, and they knew it.

They were never afraid to show off their talents.
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They were never afraid to show off their talents.

2. They spent pretty much everyday fighting the patriarchy.

3. And they laughed in the face of their opponents, who were always much bigger than them.

Size didn't matter to the Powerpuff Girls.

4. They knew exactly how powerful they were, and they totally owned it.

They were never ones to downplay their awesomeness.

5. And whenever someone was in the wrong, the girls stood up to them — no matter how big or important they were.

They also had wittiest comebacks.

6. Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom didn't mind breaking the rules if it meant getting things done.

No man, monkey, or chopstick could hold them back.

7. Sure, they were tough, but they were never afraid to show their softer sides.

Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles showed girls everywhere that crying is never a sign of weakness.

8. And they weren't having any catcalling.

9. Gender expectations meant nothing to them...

10. ...They shut down anyone who tried to lecture them on old fashioned gender roles.

11. And they always made sure that the men in their life pulled their weight.

12. Remember the Rowdyruff Boys? Well, our favourite trio proved that girls are just as tough as boys when defeated them...

13. ...And they looked super cute doing it!

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14. They never judged anyone by their looks, even if they were "yucky on the outside".

Okay, so "yucky" is no compliment, but you get what they meant.

15. Sure, sometimes they fought.

What sisters don't have a little bit of rivalry?

16. But they always had each others backs, no matter what.

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17. They all celebrated their individual talents...

Which were of course, very unique.

18. ...Blossom was a super strong leader who laid down the law...

No one could mess with Blossom.

19. ...Bubbles was caring and loving...

20. ...And Buttercup was nobody's bitch.

21. Together they were three amazing pint-sized superheroes!

And they still found time to have fun!

Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom were totally badass, and Townsville would've crumbled without their protection.

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