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What's The Craziest Dating Story You've Heard?

We all have that one story about a friend of a friend...

Dating stories are always great. Whether they're 100% true or not, no one can resist a good story about "a friend of a friend" going on a date and getting into some kind of crazy situation.

So tell us: what's the wildest dating urban legend you've been told?

Do you have a friend of a friend who found themselves on a date with someone who totally wasn't who they seemed?

Perhaps you've heard a tale like this one, about dating app meet up going really wrong.

Was just told a story by a friend about her work colleague who went on a first date, ordered a bottle of wine (and subsequently two more) and mis-read the price as £50.00 instead of the actual £5000, and now has a ten year direct debit to The Shard to pay off her huge wine debt.

Maybe you've been told a hook-up story that sounds waaaay too crazy to be true.

Tell us the wildest dating stories and urban legends that you've heard and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!