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    I Watched "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser" And I Have Some Questions

    Why is the tagline of the movie "just be you," when Sierra spends most of the movie doing the complete opposite?

    1. Why is whole premise of the movie that Sierra's not "conventially pretty?"

    2. Speaking of which, aren't we done with the old "you can't have brains AND looks" trope yet?

    3. Why is the tagline of the movie "just be you," when Sierra spends most of the movie pretending to be Veronica?

    4. I know it's vital to the storyline, but why does Sierra think that lying is a good idea in the first place?

    5. And doesn't this just romanticise catfishing?

    6. Why are there so many jokes about her "looking" like a lesbian?

    7. And are we supposed to just gloss over the casual transphobia?


    9. And if she was so concerned about the voice revealing her identity, why does she then make Veronica go on a date with Jamey?

    10. Why does Sierra think it's okay to kiss Jamey without his consent?

    11. Are we just meant to ignore the fact that Sierra publicly humiliates Veronica, purely for revenge?

    12. And why does she then try to justify her terrible actions?

    13. If Sierra is so clever, why does she continually make such terrible decisions?

    14. And why does she think her teenage angst is so unique?

    15. Does writing the song really excuse all of the bad things that she's done?

    16. Are we supposed to be rooting for Sierra?

    17. After everything she's done, why does Jamey want a relationship with Sierra?

    18. And why is she flattered by Jamey's "compliment"?

    19. What's the moral of the story?