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    19 Details About "The Sandman" That Will Make You Love It Even More

    From the DCEU references to a real-life sleeping sickness, we've got a lot to cover.

    🚨Mild spoilers for The Sandman ahead! 🚨

    1. It took eight months to cast Morpheus, and Tom Sturridge had to go through a terrifying hour and a half interview before he found out he’d scored the role.

    2. And according to Neil Gaiman, the process of casting Death was, to quote: "horrible."

    3. To help bring Matthew to life, Tom acted opposite real ravens.

    4. When it came to creating the worlds we see in The Sandman, CGI didn't take centre stage. A lot of the amazing sets – including Desire’s threshold and Lucifer’s throne room – were built from scratch.

    5. But, because to COVID-related restrictions, the only set that Neil Gaiman got to physically walk on was the Undercroft where Morpheus was imprisoned.

    6. The creation of "24/7" was a lot more like a stage play than a TV episode.

    7. There was a real "sleeping sickness" epidemic in 1917. Encephalitis lethargica affected over a million people over the course of a decade, and the causes are still uncertain.

    8. Neil persuaded Dave McKean, the illustrator behind the original comic book covers, to come out of retirement to create the end-credit sequence.

    9. The Corinthian’s glasses were so dark Boyd Holbrook could barely see – the first time he wore them he kept stumbling into things on set.

    10. And Mark Hamill agreed to join the cast because he was a fan of the comic.

    11. Lucifer’s costumes were designed by Gwendoline Christie’s IRL partner, Giles Deacon.

    12. And desire’s hair was based loosely on James Dean’s iconic quiff.

    13. Cain and Abel’s costumes get smarter as the episodes progress, just like in the comics.

    14. The nightmare that plagues Johanna mirrors the events in the Hellblazer comic Newcastle: A Taste of Things to Come.

    15. And there are some clues about Gilbert's real identity, including the fact that he's the only b&b resident who Rose doesn't visit in The Dreaming.

    16. In fact, there are a bunch of nods to the DC universe, including Jed’s Justice League action figure collection.

    17. And his Sandman costume, which is modelled on a different Sandman – a superhero from the ‘70s.

    18. At the Cereal Convention, Jed watches an episode of Static Shock that has a plot that parallels The Corinthian's situation.

    19. And finally, William Shakespeare has a cameo, raising some questions that we can hope are answered in season two.

    Let us know your favourite fact or detail about The Sandman in the comments below, and keep your eyes peeled for any updates on the second season!