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    16 Times The Internet Dragged The Hell Out Of "Riverdale"

    "I love Riverdale, the first TV show to be written entirely by predictive text."



    i think the mindhunter people could save a lot of time if instead of interviewing murderers to "get in their heads" or whatever they simply tested people for the serial killer gene like betty's mom did to betty on riverdale


    riverdale characters be like: archie: going✈️prison cuz i have RED hair 🤠😢👱‍♂️ veronica: mom dad will u guys pls stop being criminals and killing ppl🙄💋 betty: im kooky fuck the farm🔎📝 jughead: riverdale was changing... no one was looking at my stupid hat...👀😤🔪


    Riverdale Season 1: New girl moves to town, standard teenage drama unfolds Riverdale Season 3: What if we made Stranger Things, Glee, True Detective, and Friday Night Lights all one show


    I am convinced that 99.9% of the problems that happen in Riverdale could be prevented if that town had a fucking mall.


    can u guess which one of these riverdale gang names is real? A) the gargoyles B) the ghoulies C) the pretty poisons D) the serpents actually they're all real and riverdale is the shakes spear of our time


    picture this..... pitbull on riverdale....... call it river DALE


    Riverdale Brexit 🤝 stubbornly marching on despite clearly being an absolute shit show


    riverdale taught me you’re never too young to follow your dreams, even if that means to own a casino in high school while your mobster dad tries to stop you and also tried to kill your boyfriend. you can do it 😍


    I love how Riverdale switches between plotlines like “will Archie get a good score on the SATs?” and “what will we do for evidence against the Farm cult now that the nuns who test Hiram Lodge’s drugs on children have committed mass suicide in front of the Gargoyle King statue??”


    reminder that if there are people out there who love riverdale there are people out there who will love u


    live tweeting riverdale be like: the gargoyle gang kidnapped jellybean while her mom sword fought a one eyed woman while josie and the pussycats sang back to black live at the secret gambling club veronica lodge owns


    why does chucky look like he'd get cast into riverdale


    why does he look like a riverdale extra...cut the cameras...deadasss


    i love Riverdale, the first tv show to be written entirely by predictive text


    hating riverdale isn’t a personality trait, it’s a game and i’m winning