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    18 Things From Primary School That'll Prove It Was A Rollercoaster Of A Time

    Why did all of us try to make our aliens give birth??

    1. Tricking your mates into spelling out rude words meant hours of hilarious fun.

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    Never gets old.

    2. But the time spent trying to make our alien babies give birth was a pure waste.

    Amazon / Via

    I'd like to have a word with the person who effectively lied to an entire generation.

    3. Getting revenge on your enemies during a game of Duck Duck Goose = the ultimate fighting technique.

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    Nothing says "I'm in charge" like wacking someone over the head, yelling "GOOSE," and then running for your life.

    4. But getting put on timeout and having literally watch the time go by in grains of sand was just plain cruel.

    Hanamirae / Getty Images

    And contrary to popular belief, shaking it didn't make it go faster.

    5. Spending hours in the ICT suite practicing your graphic design ~skillz~ was where your creativity flourished.

    ctr5490 / Via

    If you knew how to add that gradient fill, your skills were top tier.

    6. Despite the fact that almost everything in said ICT suite was a hazard.

    Ghost-World / Via

    If you weren't almost fainting from the heat, you were squashing your little ears with those awful headphones.

    7. One word that'll send shivers down your spine: parachute.

    Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images / Via Flickr: jennycu

    How can one thing be so great?!

    8. However the excitement of a fun P.E lesson was kind of dampened when you think about the fact you were running around barefoot in the same hall where everyone had just eaten lunch...


    Because I know I wasn't the only one that stepped in leftover peas when I was trying to get my exercise on.

    9. Belting out absolute bangers in singing assembly was your own personal version of the X-Factor.

    Highwaystarz-photography / Getty Images

    Hits like "Harvest Time" and "Shine, Jesus, Shine" will forever have a spot in my heart.

    10. But having to mime along when you weren't in the mood was not the one.

    Disney Channel

    One day we'll have the conversation about how we all had to sing by force.

    11. Singing assembly was great, but no greater rush could be achieved by collecting a certificate for excellence in front of the whole school.


    Those were the days when you could literally get an award for just showing up. Good times.

    12. Despite the fact that there was a chance that you may have been spending the assembly sat on the worst seat known to mankind.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    I'll never understand why none of the manufacturers bothered to point out what is quite clearly a fatal flaw.

    13. Getting a concussion during a game of Bulldog was a lunchtime well spent.

    Peter Cade / Getty Images

    There's no fun without any risk, baby.

    14. Mopping up your injuries with a wet paper towel was ridiculous though, even by primary school standards.

    Office Stationery / Via

    Mainly because it just...did nothing?

    15. No one can deny that flipping off other schools on a class trip was a rite of passage.

    PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

    It just had to be done.

    16. Though getting caught and having to stay with the teacher all day was awful.

    Fstop123 / Getty Images

    And if they made you hold hands it was all over.

    17. Reading corner was a space where you could achieve ultimate peace and mindfulness.

    Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

    The carpet was kind of rough, but it didn't matter.

    18. But I think you'll all agree that we were done a disservice by being tricked into thinking Biff, Chip, and Kipper were actual names.

    Oxford Reading Tree / Via Oxford Owl

    All offence, who TF names their son Kipper?!

    What did you love and hate about primary school? Tell us in the comments!

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