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    24 Things You'll Remember If You Played Way Too Much Pokémon As A Kid

    Never forget the bike music.

    1. You felt torn when choosing between Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

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    The Sophie's Choice of its time.

    2. You spoke to strangers even though you were taught otherwise.

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    Sometimes they wanted to fight you, but sometimes they gave you free stuff – it was a risk you were willing to take.

    3. You hated Gary.

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    He was annoying and smug, and he showed up at all the wrong times.

    4. Seriously, he was the worst.

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    Your ~nemesis~ since birth.

    5. Having a Magikarp in your team annoyed you almost as much as Gary did.

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    Getting stuck in a splashdown was a nightmare.

    6. But it was worth it for Gyarados.

    Nintendo / Via

    The only glo-up you cared about.

    7. You dreamed about adding a Mew to your Pokedex.

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    Did anyone actually manage to catch one?

    8. Getting a bike changed your life.

    Nintendo / Via

    But it also meant that you had to endure the annoying bike music.

    9. And you always travelled in style, whether it was flying, submarining or surfing.

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    You were more active in Pokémon than you were in real life.

    10. You probably gave your favourite Pokémon some unique nicknames...

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    11. But then felt pressured to change them to something ~jazzier~ after being judged by the Name Rater.

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    His honesty was brutal...

    12. You spent an eternity lost in the depths of Rock Tunnel.

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    No amount of escape ropes could help you.

    13. And as hard as it tried, you would never let your Pikachu evolve.

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    Who needs a Raichu when you're the next Ash Ketchum?

    14. You kinda regret spending all your money in Safari Zone.

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    You basically paid $500 to piss off a bunch of wild pokémon. Not a wise financial move.

    15. But the shopping sprees in Celadon City were totally worth it.

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    Because poké dolls, bubble mail and soda pop were all ~essential~.

    16. You became a certified pageant mom whenever you took part in a beauty contest.

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    You knew your Togepi was the cutest.

    17. Lavender Town reaaally creeped you out.

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    The graveyard, the ghosts, the music – it was all too much!

    18. Your Secret Base was your favourite spot to think things over.

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    It was the perfect way to take a break, without actually having to stop playing the game.

    19. And you played matchmaker by putting two of your faves in daycare together.

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    If things went to plan, you became a proud grandparent of an egg.

    20. You may have used a cheat code from time to time.

    Nintendo / Via

    Yes, it's against the rules, but who would turn down the chance to walk through walls?

    21. You were filled with immense pride and joy when you ultimately defeated the Elite 4...

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    Your squad was tested to the limits.

    22. ...But that quickly turned to rage when you realised you also had to fight Gary.

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    And he probably beat you a few times. Typical Gary, ruining everything.

    23. Joining the Hall of Fame was your greatest achievement.

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    All the hours of playing were worth it. *cries*.

    24. And you probably didn't ~catch them all~ but you sure made some great memories trying!

    OVO Sound/ Smosh / Via

    You'll always be a Pokémon Master in your heart.

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