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    18 Myths About Sex That Movies Had Us Believing Were True


    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what myths about sex movies had them believing. Here are some of their responses!

    1. Bras must be kept on at all times.

    Universal Pictures

    "I thought you had to keep your bra on during sex because that’s how it always was in movies. The first time my boyfriend tried to take my bra off during the act I got really nervous and wouldn’t let him."


    "Women always keep their bra on?! In so many films they lie there afterwards with their bra on?! And why keep it on during sex?! Nipples are important..."


    2. Tabletop sex is a frequent and enjoyable activity.

    New Line Cinema

    "Because of rom-coms, I always believed that table sex was comfortable and going to happen very often."


    3. The same goes for car sex.

    20th Century Fox

    "Movies pretend that car sex is hot and steamy and super easy to do. Unless you have an SUV type vehicle, that shit is uncomfortable."


    4. Shower sex is really hot and totally risk-free.


    "Movies always show shower sex as something that's really sexy and happens all the time! We know in reality it's just an injury risk and if you do make it through alive us women look like a racoon that's been dragged through a puddle!"


    "They pretend that shower sex is sexy when it's really not, just slippery and awkward."


    "Shower sex is super easy and super sexy – it's not, it's awkward, difficult and you're just asking to slip and break your leg."


    5. And that water is the optimum place to do the deed.

    MGM/UA Distribution Co

    "Movies make out that sex in water is easy and great."

    –Jessica Potter via Facebook

    6. Losing your virginity is a really romantic moment.

    Summit Entertainment

    "In films, losing your virginity is a beautiful, hot, sexy, experience. Heck no, that shit is awkward and painful as hell."


    "I always believed that the first time would be this super romantic and perfect thing, where afterwards you both end snuggled in bed and talking about life. Not a disaster and awkward moment."


    7. Removing clothes is super easy.


    "The biggest lie is that clothes come off really quickly and easily..."


    "Socks and shoes just came off magically by themselves because you never actually see anyone take them off..."

    –Carly Hawkes via Facebook

    8. Foreplay is virtually nonexistent.

    20th Century Fox

    "I'm always confused about how quickly they go from kissing to penetrative sex in movies. Like, hold it there Skippy, I’m gonna need a bit more foreplay before you shove anything up there..."


    "Hollywood had me thinking you kiss for two seconds and then BOOM! Intercourse is happening!! Let’s have a 10-second silence for these poor women in movies who get zero foreplay and just have a penis rammed into them immediately...."


    9. But despite this, sex is always good...

    Columbia Pictures

    "In movies, the characters go out to a bar and click, and then come home and have wild sex that's never awkward sex or lacks chemistry."


    "Sex is never awkward, everyone knows exactly what the other person likes without asking, and that moment on which you both awkwardly stand there waiting for the condom just does not exist."


    10. ...and really, really passionate.

    20th Century Fox

    "Almost every sex scene has people plowing through the front door, making out, crashing into things throughout the house, leaving a trail of clothes until they reach the bedroom where the guy throws the girl on the bed and crawls on top of her."


    11. Every single position works seamlessly.

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    "Movies make out that every position you try will work perfectly. The girl is never not flexible enough and the guy is never not strong enough. And nobody ever gets a leg cramp from a weird position."


    "They pretend that everyone knows all the positions and there are no awkward change positions going on at any point – everyone is always super graceful hooking up with someone they just met and every position just works."

    –Kareem Osafo Primo, Facebook comment

    12. Beds break really easily.


    "In every movie beds are just super easy to break."


    13. Ladies always wrap themselves up in a sheet after sex...

    MarVista Entertainment

    "Because of movies I always thought that after sex you’re supposed to wrap the whole bed sheet around you like some makeshift elegant toga... Who the hell does that?!"


    14. ...or the man's oversized shirt.

    20th Century Fox

    "I always believed that the girl had to wear the guy's button-down shirt afterwards!"


    "That you wear your man's button-down shirt around the house after you fuck. Lmao."


    15. Women never pee after sex, because UTIs apparently do not exist.

    20th Century Fox

    "It always confused me that afterwards, the woman doesn’t need to go and pee to avoid a UTI. I can’t imagine falling asleep without peeing after sex!"


    "Movies never show women peeing after sex. As if UTIs aren’t a thing. For goodness sake, ladies, pee after sex."


    16. There's no need for any clean up after the act.

    Focus Features

    "the biggest lie is that there is ZERO clean up one grabs the wet wipes stored in their bedside table - WHY!?"


    "There’s no cleaning up to be done afterwards. Sex is messy, and it’s unrealistic to have two characters do the deed and then just carry on about their business. WHERE ARE THE WET WIPES PEOPLE?"


    17. And no one ever looks unkempt after sex.

    Anchor Bay Entertainment

    "After every sex scene, the character's hair and makeup still look great."


    "Movies made me think that you’re always going to wake up with perfect hair and makeup."


    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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