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    18 Things That'll Make You Say "Wow, "How I Met Your Mother" Totally Ripped Off "Friends""


    It's been said before, but we'll say it again – How I Met Your Mother is really similar to the TV royalty that is Friends, so we're gonna break down all the moments in the shows that are basically exactly the same.

    1. Ross and Ted are both weirdly obsessed with relationships.

    2. They're also both teachers who end up dating their students.

    3. Basically, Ross and Ted are the pretty much the same character.

    4. No one knows what either Chandler or Barney do for a living.

    5. Both shows have loads of wedding-related disasters.

    6. And what's with all the officiating?

    7. Chandler and Ted both have female middle names.

    8. Nora and Emily are the token Brits that appear for just one season.

    9. RHONDA!!!

    10. Ross and Barney both get off with their best friend's mums.

    11. Precious got dumped on her birthday in both shows.

    12. The whole will they/won't they storyline between Ross and Rachel is everything Robin and Ted tried to be.

    13. Their loves stories even ended the same!

    14. And the love triangles are the same.

    15. What's with so many characters moving to Westchester?

    16. The jellyfish stings.

    17. Marshall and Chandler both suck at taking photographs.

    18. And finally, the doppelgängers.