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16 Reasons Why Hilary From "The Fresh Prince" Was A Total Icon

The epitome of black girl magic ✨✨✨

1. First things first, no one can deny that she was a complete fashion icon.

It's been 30 years and no one's done a Hilary line yet – give the people what they want!

2. She taught us all about the importance of self-confidence.

Did Hilary start the body positive movement? I think so.

3. And she never settled for anything that didn't reach her standards.

I know it endly badly, but anyone who wears a wedding dress to their proposal is instantly an icon.

4. Hilary may not have been a fan of books, but she read everyone like a pro.

No one was safe from her burns.

5. She was the ultimate big sister.

6. And gave the best sex talk in the history of TV.

Most school's sex education could never, tbh.

7. Okay, so she was pretty spoiled, but her financial strategy was airtight.

To be fair, it's better than an ISA.

8. She was never afraid to ask for exactly what she wanted.

A mood.

9. But she always had integrity.

10. She said things how she saw them, no matter what the situation.

She kind of put her foot in it, but she had a point.

11. And she always lived her truth, even when it hurt.

12. Because she knew herself.

We stan a self-aware queen.

13. And no one could tell her what to do.

14. When it came down to it, she actually gave really good advce

She went through a lot, and she learned from it.

15. She worked her way up to the top and became ultimate career goals.

From a college dropout to a weather girl, to basically becoming the next Oprah. A true legend.

16. To sum it up: she was the original bad and bougie girl.

The epitome of black girl magic ✨✨✨

Image credits: NBC

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