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    May 18, 2020

    19 Posts About "Harry Potter" That Made Me Snort With Laughter

    "[19 years later] Hermione: it's coronaVIRus not coronavirUS."


    the first two harry potter movies vs. the rest of them



    If Harry Potter has a "secret keeper" spell where one person knows your secret location and nobody can ever find you unless they betray you, but they also have an "unbreakable vow" spell where someone dies if they betray you, why would anyone ever use one without the other


    cedric diggory: you know the prefects' bathroom on the fifth floor? it's not a bad place for a bath. just take your egg and... mull things over in the hot water. harry potter:


    I can't believe Harry Potter really said Snape was the bravest man he ever knew when his godfather was Sirius


    Harry Potter returning to hogwarts every year knowing he doesn't have to sleep in a cupboard for a few months but also he he'll have to be the unpaid security guard for hogwarts while still being a child


    baby harry potter watching voldemort point his wand at him


    this is how petunia dursley prepared breakfast: for her son, dudley for harry potter


    harry potter?


    DUMBLEDORE: Hogwarts is the safest place in the world. HARRY POTTER: Okay so like, around zero child murders then? DUMBLEDORE: HARRY POTTER: Dumbledore, how many child murders are there?


    Dumbledore: HARRY DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE Harry: im a kid Dumbledore: obviously you couldn't have done it then Harry: Dumbledore: i knew that Harry: kinda seems like you didn't Dumbledore: hey you know what fuck you play in the murder tournament idgaf


    ron weasley when it’s time to eat the rich and he will have to eat harry potter


    when ron thought hermione was lying about her date for the yule ball and then he sees her looking like a queen with an international quidditch player


    dumbledore: so we have a points system to keep all of the houses in a healthy competition draco malfoy: that sounds like fun dumbledore: tHaT sOuNdS LiKE fUn shut the fuck up 100 points to gryffindor


    [19 years later] Hermione: it's coronaVIRus not coronavirUS


    harry potter with ron and hermione


    hagrid with harry, hermione and ron


    funny how hermione granger said when she was young that she wouldn't work with ministry of magic because she actually wanted to do some good in the world and then ended up being THE minister of magic


    harry explaining to ron and hermione why voldemort is still alive

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