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What's Your Favourite LGBTQ+ Movie That Has A Happy Ending?

Tell us about the queer films that made you smile, laugh, and cry happy tears.

No one can deny that in the film industry, queer representation is low.

Focus Features

And some of the films that are out there are pretty damn tragic.

So we want to hear about LGBTQ+ movies that actually have a happy ending.

Lionsgate Films

Blockbuster or indie, old or new – whatever they may be, we want to know!

Was Amy's storyline your favourite part of Booksmart?

United Artists Releasing

Did Love, Simon make you cry floods of happy tears in the movie theatre?

20th Century Fox

Maybe Moonlight left you speechless in the best way.


Whatever they are, we want to hear about your favourite LGBTQ+ movies that have happy endings. Tell us all about them in the comments below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!