23 Tweets From British Twitter That Prove, Whatever The Situation, Brits Have The Best Sense Of Humour

    "got separated from my dad (61, white, bald) at the bruce springsteen concert and it was like a live immersive experience of wheres wally"


    Imagine if they knew that nearly 80 years later they’d build the world’s biggest lasagne inside https://t.co/28J5gAFhoD

    — Mollie Goodfellow (@hansmollman) April 30, 2023


    Couldn't work out where the train was so I got a taxi from the airport to the hotel pic.twitter.com/apMGG3KGNT

    — Mike Townsend (@townsendyesmate) May 2, 2023



    When you advise your client to go no comment and they start answering questions pic.twitter.com/UTAA9zeEHZ

    — Chim (@CoachChim) April 28, 2023


    drama in the school whatsapp chat! the PTA invited us all to a coronation party and one of the dads (who's a professor of colonial history) said eat my dick

    — Emma Szewczak (@EmmaSzewczak) May 3, 2023


    got separated from my dad (61, white, bald) at the bruce springsteen concert and it was like a live immersive experience of wheres wally

    — das 🌿 (@das_penman) April 30, 2023


    Payday on a Friday is it? Wouldn't it be such a shame if I was to, oh I don't know, completely fucking ruin my entire budget for the month by living massively beyond my means all weekend for no particular reason

    — Mike Townsend (@townsendyesmate) April 28, 2023


    Yes! Rob them right back! https://t.co/RjdrrplE1g

    — Camilla Blackett (@camillard) April 28, 2023


    Why and how does this bit of this front page help sell newspapers? I would honestly love to know (and my DMs are open) https://t.co/tW4RHFGj2o pic.twitter.com/81hTTWHhWY

    — James Ball (@jamesrbuk) April 28, 2023


    Celebrating a coronation with a "limited number of scones" in First Class only is so on brand. You could not make it up. https://t.co/cAr9JwSggg

    — Dr Eleanor Janega (@GoingMedieval) May 4, 2023


    me and the other povvos getting a sniff of the scones on our povvo carriages https://t.co/kLeUgz6b3R pic.twitter.com/OyNUG5JhBS

    — Bally Singh (@putasinghonit) May 4, 2023


    https://t.co/tM2QAuFGL2 pic.twitter.com/27XnAh7SBE

    — sybil grimalkin (@joblessthursday) May 3, 2023


    that is the problem with having committed many crimes https://t.co/ro2oCEqgFa

    — Tom Neenan (@TNeenan) April 27, 2023


    "now i'm falling asleep and she's calling a crab"

    the crab: https://t.co/6NmCdemLGI

    — reni 🦌🎂✨ (@reniadeb) April 27, 2022


    all this discourse is making me want to order a chinese https://t.co/kuNhuSQo56

    — dr fart (@emofiat500) May 2, 2023


    it is crazy how, in the lead up to the coronaysh, when i am feeling even more cynical and disgusted by the uk than usual, i am forced into being patriotic and angry over undying loyalty to chinese takeaways https://t.co/Il9MTmNw3u

    — kb (@uncooljerk) May 3, 2023


    edinburgh when it’s bored every july: https://t.co/wt3LYfPDbC

    — intrusive thot (@ali1m) May 1, 2023


    Imagine coming across that in someone’s bio omfg pic.twitter.com/lCe0gsRxlj

    — jack rem x (@jackremmington) May 4, 2023


    Somebody needs a wee history lesson. pic.twitter.com/gY4WWLYqJR

    — Iain Docherty (@iaindocherty) April 30, 2023



    this is the couple you get sat next to at a wedding and you just know you’re in for the driest two hours of your life pic.twitter.com/sbvQF0v1cy

    — Lucy (@LMAsaysno) April 29, 2023


    Americans slagging British Chinese takeaways discourse is defos a tactic to manipulate Scottish people into feeling an emotional connection to the union in time for the coronation

    — Paul Black (@paulbIack) May 4, 2023


    Harry Potter & The Gen Z reboot 🧙🏽‍♂️⚡️ pic.twitter.com/qtqJrwY74Z

    — Munya Chawawa (@munyachawawa) May 3, 2023