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    These Are The Best Characters "American Horror Story" Has Given Us So Far

    Every Jessica Lange character is a legend, obvs.

    🚨Spoilers of past seaons ahead!🚨

    25. Cricket Marlowe β€” Roanoke

    24. Myrtle Snow β€” Coven

    23. Bette and Dot Tattler β€” Freak Show

    22. Sally McKenna β€” Hotel

    21. Shelley β€” Asylum

    20. Cordelia Foxx β€” Coven

    19. The Butcher β€” Roanoke

    18. Dandy Mott β€” Freak Show

    17. Sister Jude β€” Asylum

    16. Winter Anderson β€” Cult

    15. Twisty β€” Freak Show

    14. Queenie β€” Coven

    13. Addie Langdon β€” Murder House

    12. Fiona Goode β€” Coven

    11. The Countess β€” Hotel

    10. Madison Montgomery β€” Coven

    9. Moira O'hara β€” Murder House

    8. Tate Langdon β€” Murder House

    7. Sister Mary Eunice β€” Asylum

    6. Liz Taylor β€” Hotel

    5. Michael Langdon β€” Murder House

    4. Oliver Thredson β€” Asylum

    3. Marie Laveau β€” Coven

    2. Constance Langdon β€” Murder House

    1. Lana Winters β€” Asylum