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15 Signs You're About To Crack From The Pressure

PRESSURE. Pushin' down on you. Stay cool under pressure with t-shirts, underwear, and socks from Hanes X-TEMP®.

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1. Small things like losing the remote send your stress levels sky high.

2. Even car rides don't make sense anymore.

3. Your stress is causing you to see crazy colors.

4. And you have more than the occasional emotional outburst.

5. You've stopped responding to external stimuli.

6. You can no longer contain yourself.

7. You wonder if it's all in your head...

8. ...but you know it's not.

9. You just don't even know anymore.

10. You can't manage to stay awake at important times.

11. And you have zero time for any confusion.

12. You've forgotten how to walk like a normal person.

13. You try to stay calm. BUT YOU CAN'T.

14. You can feel it. The pressure is building up.

15. It's almost like you're in free fall.

But don't worry: Hanes X-TEMP® t-shirts, underwear, and socks are here to keep you cool under pressure.