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12 Reasons Why Taxes Maybe Aren't The Absolute Worst...Maybe?

Taxes aren't everybody's favorite thing. But H&R Block's exceptional support and expertise can help take the misery out of filing them.

1. We can all appreciate the fact that taxes happen to fund a ton of absolute essentials.

2. Obviously, they keep our communities running...

3. ...and our faucets running too.

4. So while taxes may get a bum rap, it's possible they're not the bane of all mankind's existence.

5. They help provide a health care system that makes Americans jealous.

6. For better or worse, they'll nudge you to be a little more organized about things in general.

7. Economist Kaylie Tiessen got about as close to a mic drop as an economist gets when she said taxes are like the brussels sprouts of society.

8. Plus, they can serve as a reminder of all the great stuff you managed to accomplish in the past year...

9. a bird's-eye view of any dough you raked in...

10. ...and a chance to step back and take stock of your personal finances.

11. They offer an opportunity to share personal information with Elections Canada, which keeps your voter registration up to date...

12. ...and an opportunity to make a wish list for all the stuff you'll buy with your refund.

Taxes don't have to be so taxing. H&R Block's experts draw from more than 50 years of experience to help you quickly and confidently file on time.