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14 Whimsical Holiday Gifts From H&M That Are Literally Dreams Come True

Gifts from H&M, brought to you by dreams from your brain.

1. This celestial skirt.

2. These mineral-inspired eyeshadows.

3. These darling doll shoes.

4. This velveteen housecoat.

5. These sumptuously fluffy slippers.

6. This pearly popcorn tee.

7. These storybook sateen pajamas.

8. This adorable kids holiday sweater.

9. These impossibly tall thigh-high boots.

10. This shimmering purse.

11. This Dreams of Dreams of Dreams sweater.

12. These party-ready sequin earrings.

13. This free-spirited denim jacket.

14. This futuristic mesh onesie.

Find your nearest H&M and let your dreams do the shopping this season.

All images by H&M.