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5 Summer Outfits From H&M You’ll Want To Wear All Year Long

Them summer feels. Find all these looks and more at your nearest H&M store.

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Perfect for a day out in the sun, this effortless ensemble can take you all the way from brunch to the bar.

Mix chic black staples with a couple of statement patterns for a look you’ll want to remember in all your holiday photos. Time for a dip!

Cool, calm, and carefree. Throw on this ’90s-inspired outfit and take a trip back to your favourite childhood summer. *cue ice cream truck jingle*

Look hot while staying cool with a breezy floral wrap dress. Add a lacy bra and choker for a touch of luxe.

Turn up the heat with this gray-on-gray athleisure attire. Summer workouts never looked so good.

Photos supplied by H&M / Design by Son Tuyen Huynh / © BuzzFeed 2017

To shop all these summer looks and more, head in-store to H&M.

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