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Are You More Hana Del Rey Or Coolleen The Coolteen

theres a right answer in this quiz..... it's knives

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  1. Which unimportant Harry Potter character are you?

    Piers Polkiss
    Florean Fortescue
    The sleek black rats at the pet shop
    Olive Hornby
    Ernie Prang
    Bob Ogden
  2. What do you fear?

    The dark
  3. What is your ideal pet?

    Pygmy puff
  4. What does your backpack look like?

    I don't have one
    North Face
    The better North Face
  5. What does your ideal Saturday look like?

    Amusement park
    Finding a lost antelope in the woods, and bringing him/her to the animal shelter
    Brunch, and then window shopping/museum
    Going to a rock concert, and then getting pie with ice cream afterwards
    Eating four slices of pizza, and then DIYing a night stand
    Facetiming a delinquent and learning how to kidnap a pastry chef
  6. What are your favorite accesssories?

    Half chipped nail polish
    Hair ties
  7. Who is your role model?

    Your freshman year biology teacher who reminded you daily of your potential as a garbageman
    Emma Watson
    Your freshman year english teacher who adored Dionysus
    Hana del Rey
    Everyone is my role model. But mostly Coolleen the Coolteen
    Your mom
  8. What's your favorite weather?

    Blue skies and sunshine
    Cloudy, but with some sun shining through
    Snow, but the nice fluffy kind
    A little breezy, but not chilly
    Anything but rain
  9. Favorite beverage?

    Pink lemonade
    Ginger ale
    Malted balsamic vinegar
    Soy sauce
  10. Socks?

    On Tuesdays
  11. Nails?

    French manicure
    What nails???
    Chipped. Always.
    Only the left hand, because you're a righty
  12. Mode of Transportation

    E train
    Ratty ole bus
    With watermelon
  13. What would you do in a movie theater?

    Sleep because those reclining chairs are mad comfortable
    Throw chocolate at the person next to you, everytime the scene changes
    Cry when you're supposed to laugh
    Pretend that you're in the movie, and randomly shout phrases from it
    The annoying person who doesn't stop reclining their chair
    Actually watch the movie, while munching on popcorn. Basically what you're supposed to do at a movie theater

Are You More Hana Del Rey Or Coolleen The Coolteen

You got: Hana del Rey

If you're a Hana del Rey, I'm disappointed to inform you, that you are a failure in life. You wake up after 12pm or later in the afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays, even when you made plans with a friend to watch a movie at 10am. You occasionally have strong desires to meet up with old childhood friends, who end up cancelling on you last minute for basketball games. You then find their facebook accounts, and rant about how they don't accept your friend request when they, in fact, already accepted it weeks ago. Upon finding their instagram accounts, you heavily criticize their account names, and then cease to follow them. When texting, you make frequent typos, and in the midst of correcting yourself, you make a few additional typos. You often find yourself screenshotting your friend's snaps, and then posting them on your finsta with completely irrelevant captions. Your current favorite things are: gladiator converse, blue alien sweaters, yourself (because you're rather narcissistic), rock music, people who can play instruments, pancakes (but not really), fondue, Star Wars, eating, and maintaining a fake account on instagram. Your favorite teacher is your biology teacher from freshman year, who would always remind you of your potential as a garbageman. (Or garbagewoman, whatever floats your boat). You are the kid your parents warned you about. #L

Hana del Rey
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You got: Coolleen the Coolteen

You got COoleEn the Co0lteen- you are smart and intelligent. Of all the background Harry Potter characters you could be, you are the most useless one. Honestly, if you got this answer I don't know what to say to you. YOu love to munch on snacks and then be like - "Now I gotta excersize." You are lowkey a hoarder, but you're kind of organized so it's ok, or maybe it isn't. You admire people with good style and taste- which is probably why you admire Hana so much. During moddle school you peaked, but you always hated homer room, but you got through those rough times and so did your classic love for Harry Potter. Although you may seem shy at first you have a great personality and are actually one of the funniest people to be around. You are the best friend to have, becuz u r loyal and will always be there for the people you care for. That's a double sided sword tho, bcs if you don't like someone, they better b planning their funeral because you know karate and will highkey have them put past the point of no return, bcs killing them is a bit extreme. You love your watermelon and are inspired daily by people like your freshman English teacher who taught you that popularity comes from the strangest sources such as being a Dr. YOu are a diehard Ed Sheeran fan even though you can't always understand what he is saying your fav song from his new album is A Razor. You hate taking risks but a lot of times they pay off. You suck at ticket to ride and always lose to a more skilled player, but thats ok, bcs life is more than a board game. Or is it... ANYWAYSSS you aren't the best speller, but at least you can spell G-S-T-O-N unlike Lefou, OHHH who are you kidding, you are Lefou and are proud. #quirky #coolteen #coolLefou #coolpierspolkis

Coolleen the Coolteen
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