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14 Pilgrimages All Rock 'N' Roll Fans Must Take

Because seeing these sites is what separates the hardcore fans from the casual ones.

1. Cadillac Ranch — Amarillo, TX

2. The Fillmore Mosaic Lamppost — New York, NY

3. Cap Rock — Joshua Tree, CA

4. Strawberry Fields, Central Park — New York, NY

5. Big Pink — Saugerties, NY

6. Sun Studio — Memphis, TN

7. The Jefferson Airplane House — San Francisco, CA

8. The Grateful Dead House — San Francisco, CA

9. A Sound Garden — Seattle, WA

10. Weaver D's — Athens, GA

11. Wishkah River — Aberdeen, WA

12. Justin Herman Plaza — San Francisco, CA

13. Abbey Road — London, England

14. Graceland — Memphis, TN

So how many of these places have you been to? Share below in the comments!

With over 2,000 locations worldwide, anywhere you go on pilgrimage, there's a Hampton by Hilton nearby.