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The Transition To Parenthood Isn't Always Easy...

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Having a baby can take a toll on your marriage...


This image depicts an argument that may be familiar to a lot of new or expecting parents. In this scene, Ben is trying to express how overwhelmingly frustrated he is with Alison. He explains to Alison that it’s not her that he’s mad at – its the hormones making her “crazy” that he’s upset with. Ben is attempting to communicate his frustration in a positive way by making an effort to understand Alison’s emotional state and choosing not to blame on her for her actions.

If you're smart, you'll learn quickly how to divide and conquer...


This image illustrates how Bob Belcher and his wife, Linda, decide which parent should handle various parenting tasks. Without having to say much, Bob and Linda were able to convey that they work as a team and treat each other as equals. This image suggests that the division of labor in Bob and Linda’s relationship is not an area of marital conflict because of the couples’ ability to successfully allocate parenting demands. In this case, neither parent wanted to deal with the issue at hand - which is how many new parents feel when they just don’t have the energy to deal with certain parenting dilemmas.

You'll also learn how much easier it is to agree...


In this image, a pregnant Pam expresses her uncertainty about whether or not she is overreacting to her husband, Jim. Despite Pam’s lack of certainty, Jim chooses to take her side no matter what. Jim is using a positive conflict-communication strategy by showing unwavering support for his wife, despite the fact that she may have been acting a bit irrationally. Jim's effort to communicate positively during conflict suggests that the couple manages conflict more effectively than most, thus making them less vulnerable to a decline in relationship quality during the transition to parenthood.

The transition to becoming a parent is a long, hard process...


This image illustrates the transition to parenthood over the course of a year. It represents the emotional roller coaster that is the transition to parenthood and captures a common progression of emotions that new parents feel during their first year of parenthood. Many new-parents consider this lifestyle change a period of crisis and that is depicted in this meme.

So watch out... if you're not careful, you may no longer recognize yourself!


This image represents what may happen to parents who are unable to effectively cope with the transition to parenthood. Babies are a lot of work - the overwhelming demands and responsibilities of having a new baby can cause an immense amount of stress for a parent. In fact, the transition to parenthood can actually put new-parents at risk to develop psychological disorders.

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