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13 Ways To Ask Your Friends For Money (That Aren't Awkward)

Because you're too broke to not get that tenner back. Don't sweat it though – The Halifax is here to make money (and getting it back) easier.

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2. Ask through text instead of IRL.

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Asking through text means you don't have to deal with any fallout face-to-face, and you can check whether they've actually read your message. Genius.

3. Get them to cover you next time you hang out.


If it's a friend you see regularly, next time you go for lunch, drop in a "Do you want to get this, since I paid for dinner last time?" You'll get your money back and have done so really casually. Smooth.

4. Throw subtle hints whenever you see them.

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Try patting your pockets and saying "Oh man, I am such an idiot" when the bill comes, or mention money apps and loudly state "Oh yeah, it's SO easy to finally pay people back."

This probably won't work if your friend is oblivious, just FYI.

5. Mask the cringe with memes.


This method says, "Yeah, so...I really need my money back," without you actually having to say it, so it's basically the holy grail replacement for human interaction.

6. Get resourceful next time your friend throws a party.

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Drink all their alcohol or eat all their food to the point you feel they've repaid you. This one is less asking and more taking – but it means you don't have to actually talk to them about the money they owe you, and talking about money is really awkward.

10. Ask them if you can borrow some money.


Instead of asking for your money back, ask if you can borrow some money from them, which conveniently is the exact amount they owe you. When they ask for it back, remind them they borrowed from you before. Cheeky, but effective.

11. Find out what's going on.

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If your friend is ignoring all your (hilarious) hints, work up the courage to actually ask them what's going on.

You'll have cleared the air, and you'll be able to keep your friendship intact. Sometimes, the awkwardness is worth it.

Money doesn't have to be awkward.

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Don't worry, The Halifax totally gets it, and that's why they're here to make sure things don't get over complicated. Find out more about Easy Banking with The Halifax here.