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12 Weird Things We All Do When It Comes To Money

Yes, picking up dirty pennies is weird. The Halifax doesn't judge though. If anything, they just want to make your life easier.

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1. Eradicate coppers.


Seriously. We hate them. We actively seek to not have them on our person.

What's more is the fact they terrorise us, because they're absolutely everywhere – stashed in the cup holders of cars, found at the bottom of rucksacks, or slowly stacking up in the drawer with loose keys and dead batteries.

2. But when it comes to pennies... / Via

...we can't get enough of them. We will literally grind to a halt in the midst of a busy crowd, annoy just about everyone around us, just to pick up a penny for "good luck", only to leave it in the cup holder later – WE CAN'T ESCAPE.

3. Obsessing over buying things on sale. / Via

Especially items we would never buy full price. We definitely don't need it, and more often than not, we won't use it – ever.

But still, we always justify buying the dragon-shaped cake tin because, come on, it's on sale.

4. The receiving-birthday-cards-with-money ritual.


You know, the whole "make sure to read the entire card first and pretend you can't see the cash until you've got to the end of it, even though it's the first thing you see" spiel.

You even pick it up, hold it in your hand, read the card, and turn back to your hand like, "OMG money! Wow you shouldn't have. I had no idea. What a surprise."

5. Literally. Throwing. Money. Away. / Via

Like, into fountains. Which makes no sense. Whatsoever.

OK, yes, if there is some kind of mythical element to said fountain, maybe you'll get lucky, but flinging a 50p into the pathetic fountain down your local shopping centre is probably not going to make all your wishes come true.

6. Complaining about the never-ending state of being broke.


But we're probably the first one down the pub when suggested.* Usually the first to get a round in as well.

*We love you pub, never change.

7. Screaming from the rooftops when we find a note we'd totally forgotten about.


This is the kind of discovery that warrants sending a handwritten letter to our dear old nan. Probably more newsworthy than our graduation, or first-born child.

9. The grandparents-trying-to-give-you-money tango. / Via

When any grandparent* tries to give us money, we – without fail – refuse the first couple of times before finally and "begrudgingly" accepting their generous donation.

*Applicable to all older relatives.**

**Parents don't count. Take the money and run.

10. Awkwardly splitting the bill.


No one ever wants to say, "I'll just pay for my salad and Coke and you can pay for your steak and three mai tais," because that is awkward – and Brits don't do awkward.

So we end up splitting the bill down the middle and hating ourselves a little bit later on as we weep into our pillows.

11. The it-costs-more-than-50-quid-so-it's-way-too-expensive drama.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

The house really does need a new vacuum cleaner, but spending over £100 seems astronomical. However, we wouldn't mind dropping 40 quid on a new pair of shoes we'll wear once, £30 at dinner, at least £20 on a round, and will happily splurge £15 to catch a cab rather than the night bus that drops you off outside your door.


Money, eh? It can make the best of us do the strangest things. Don't worry, The Halifax totally gets it, and that's why they're here to make sure things don't get over complicated. Find out more about Easy Banking with The Halifax here.