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14 Things To Do In London For Under A Tenner

Saving for your first home can be difficult – that's why the Halifax has got you covered for cheap and wonderful things to do in our glorious capital.

1. Relax at Ziferblat cafe.

Courtesy of Ziferblat

At Ziferblat, you become a micro-tenant of the space. Everything inside is free, be it tea, coffee or cakes, and you only pay for the minutes you spend there (6p per 60 seconds in fact). The perfect place to relax, study, work or just hang.

How much? You can enjoy yourself for 2.5 hours at £9.

2. Eat your way around Borough Market.

GateC21 Flickr (CC By - ND 2.0) / Via Flickr: gatec21

Hold your horses and hear us out. YES, Borough Market isn't the cheapest of places to spend an afternoon, BUT – and this but is crucial – strolling around and feasting on the tasters is the perfect way to decide on the one stall you want to buy from. Tactics, dear friends. Tactics.

How much? Definitely doable under £10.

3. Enjoy incredible views of London from the Emirates Air Line.

Ed Webster (CC By 2.0) / Via Flickr: ed_webster

Amazing views of London for less than a fiver? Where do we sign up?

How much? £3.50 for a single.

4. Channel your inner performer at hip-hop karaoke at The Social.

Courtesy of Rob Pursey / Hip Hop Karaoke

This is definitely one of the funnest nights London has to offer. Whether you're enjoying the unbelievable atmosphere or showcasing your talent, Hip Hop Karaoke at The Social is not one to miss – trust.

How much? £5 entry.

5. Climb a monument.


Yep. You heard us. You can totally climb to the actual top of the Monument. Do you know where else you can climb to the top of? BIG BEN (or if we're being technical, the Elizabeth Tower).

How much? £4 for the Monument; free for the Elizabeth Tower.

6. Stroll through Columbia Road Market.

Aurelien Guichard (CC By - SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: aguichard

Surrounding yourself with fresh flowers and all of the vibrant aromas and colours is simply a lovely thing to do. Plus, you could definitely score a delightful bunch for under a fiver.

How much? Free (apart from the cost of your beautiful flowers).

7. Visit a city farm.

Dani Lurie (CC By 2.0) / Via Flickr: slushpup

"A FARM?! IN THE CITY?!" we hear you cry.

"Yes. There is a farm in the city. Can you believe it? You should definitely go."

How much? Hackney and Kentish Town are both free of charge.

8. Become a groundling at Shakespeare's Globe.


Standing really is the only way to have an authentic Shakespearian experience.

How much? £5 for standing tickets at the Globe.

9. Go for a serious walk.


And when we say serious, we mean serious. Seriously serious. The Thames Valley Path takes you on a magnificent walk, starting from the Thames Barrier all the way down to Hampton Court Palace. It's only, what, 36 miles?

How much? Free!

10. Go for a spot of afternoon tea.

Courtesy of The Fan Museum, London

Forget the fancy hotels – The Orangery at The Fan Museum offers cakes, scones, coffees and tea, all for sub-tenner prices. Delightful.

How much? £7 per person.

11. Be dazzled at the opera.

Andrea Puggioni (CC By 2.0) / Via Flickr: cebete

When one thinks of the opera, one thinks of tuxedos, pearls and fur coats – which usually also means £££. But never fear, the Royal Opera House offers tickets starting from less than five pounds, so there's never been a better time to catch an aria.

How much? Tickets start from £4.

12. Snoop through an unconventional museum.

Laika ac (CC By SA - 2.0) / Via Flickr: laika_ac

Interested in all things weird and wonderful? Then the Grant Museum of Zoology and the Hunterian Museum are the ones for you.

The Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum and Science Museum may not necessarily be of the beaten track, but you are bound to find something new, exciting and a bit odd within their walls.

How much? Free of charge.

13. Enjoy a delicious pizza at Franco Manca.

NoirKitsuné (CC By 2.0) / Via Flickr: lilivanili

If you haven't got down to Franco Manca to try one of their delicious sourdough pizzas yet, drop everything you're doing and go there now. Like, right now.

How much? Prices start from £4.50.

14. Soak up culture at the National Portrait Gallery.

Herry Lawford (CC By 2.0) / Via Flickr: herry

Need inspiration for your next selfie? Well then the National Portrait Gallery should be where you head next. Also to look at the incredible artwork. Whatever priority comes first.

How much? Free free free.

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