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Can You Be A Nasty Woman?

After the President election, things got pretty wild. Many people did not understand why someone like Donald Trump could win and be the next President of the USA. So, in honor of our new President, I would like to create this quiz to see if you are qualified to be a Nasty Woman??!?!

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  1. Do you think the LGBTQA community should have the right to get married?

    New Orleans Pride - Rainbow Flag | by Tony Webster
    Heck no. That goes against my religion and it's gross.
    I don't mind it, but I don't think that they should get married in churches because thats a religion thing.
    Yeah because they deserve the basic human rights that heterosexual people have. It literally does not affect anyone else, those are the only two in a relationship.
  2. What are your views on immigration?

    KICK EVERYONE OUT WHO HAS IMMIGRATED HERE. They are stealing our jobs and are horrible people!!
    We should help them, but also should have stricter laws concerning immigration.
    We should provide help and welcome in those who want to come to the USA because we are the LAND OF THE FREE. We were built off of immigration.
  3. What is a feminist?

    The worst people around, they are man hating lesbians. They want woman to have all of the power in the world and to make guys go extinct.
    They are women who want equality but can be super extra about it.
    They are men and women who want to be economically and socially equal with other men and women. Its the equality of the sexes.
  4. Are all Mexicans murderers and rapists?

    Not at all, that was a horrible, racist thing to say. Like literally absolutely disgusting and false.
    Well, there are rapists and murderers in every race so that statement is wrong but not entirely.
  5. Should Muslims have to register?

    Yes they are all terrorists. We should make them register so we can keep track of every single one of them.
    Not register but we should be cautious of them, we have no idea what they can do. And aren't all terrorists muslim?
    No thats horrible. They are people and should not be viewed as terrorists because of their religious beliefs which promote love. They are peaceful people.
  6. How do you view Trump?

    He is the actual worst. The only person that is more awful than he is is Pence. He is misogynistic, racist, sexist, islamophobic, and homophobic. On top of all of that, he really isn't even a good business man.
    He is alright. I mean, none of the candidates were good, but he had a good economic plan and is a good businessman. Anyone besides Hillary.
    He is the best! He basically does not want the church and gov separated, he believes men can do whatever they want to women because they are inferior to him, he is racist, homophobic, and islamophobic!! Everything that I am too. LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AG

Can You Be A Nasty Woman?


You, my friend, are a Nasty Woman! Aka, you are a reasonable human being. You think racism, misogny, sexism, islamophobia, and homophobia are not okay and that we should not segregate or belittle others based on something that they cannot change. So, congratulations you are not an asshole, be proud, and make sure to tell your neighbor that you are a nasty woman!!

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You got: Trump's bff

You are Donald Trumps idea of perfection. You think its okay to be racist, homophobic (religion duh), misogynistic, islamophobic (terrorists wtf), sexist (men rule), and what even is white privilege?

Trump's bff
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You got: A lil' nasty

You believe in equality for all but you are chill about it. You also understand why someone else would feel differently and respect it even though its either racist, homophobic, islamophobic, misogynistic, or sexist. You draw the line somewhere, but you are mainly just chill.

A lil' nasty
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