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Which Pink Lady Are You?

Take this quiz and find out which of the Rydell's Pink Ladies you are!

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  1. What's your ideal first date?

    Taking a walk
    Make-Out Point with that special someone
    Going to a drive-in movie
    Blind date at the roller rink
    Burgers in the park
  2. What quality is most attractive to you?

    A nice butt
    Guys in uniform
    Sense of style
    A cool ride
  3. There's a big fight happening after school! What do you do?

    Bring makeup to fix any black eyes
    Join in and chant along
    It depends... are they bullies?
    Bring a snack and take a seat
    Watch from the corner
  4. What's your biggest pet peeve?

    Peppy people
    When people take jokes too far
    When people look like a hot mess for school
  5. What's your motto?

    "No dream is too big"
    "Stick with your girls, cause they'll be with you in the long haul"
    "Follow your heart"
    "Treat yourself"
    "What a drag"
  6. What's your favorite type of music?

    Honky Tonk, baby!
    Just an acoustic guitar
    Rock 'n' Roll
  7. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Does lemonade count?
    Cotton Candy
    Cherry Coke and fries
  8. What's your ideal vacation spot?

    Anywhere but Rydell
    I don't really like to get away
    Somewhere green
    The beach
  9. What are you most afraid of?

    Dying my hair an awful color and having to go to school
    Crying in front of people
    Running out of snacks
    Losing my best friend
    Not having a date to the dance
  10. What's your favorite after-school activity?

    Watching people play sports
    Hanging with my friends
    Writing letters to older men
    Experimenting with different makeup and hairstyles
  11. What Disney character do you most relate to?

    Princess Anna
    Princess Jasmine
    Anyone who's not a damsel in distress
    Princess Ariel
  12. It's a Friday night! What are you up to?

    Having a sleepover
    Sitting at home, most likely alone
    In my room eating snacks
    Going out somewhere
    Hanging with my girls

Which Pink Lady Are You?

You got: Sandy

You’re Sandy! You’re not really part of the group….but sometimes you’re invited, and that’s enough for you! You’re super kind and caring but not afraid to stand up to bullies. Awkwardness comes naturally to you, but you don’t mind because your true friends like you anyway. You’re devoted to the people you love. They all think you’re just nice and maybe a little meek, but deep down there’s another side of you that proves them wrong!

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You got: Marty

You’re Marty! You’re probably wearing expensive clothes that all your boyfriends buy you as gifts. You’re super confident and can get ANY guy you want, but in the end, you just want a nice boy who will do anything for you (that includes painting your name on his car). Thunderbird is your favorite wine because you’re hard-core, and those dessert wines are way too sweet. You might have a bit of a potty mouth…but you’re always very friendly and you just want to have fun!

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You got: Rizzo

You’re Rizzo! You definitely put on a “tough” exterior, but as much as you hate to admit it, you have a soft side deep down. Your best friends would do anything for you: even put up with your moody insults. It’s pretty normal for you to be on your own, but your friends are always secretly watching out for you. Likewise, you’re always looking out for them too. You want to get out of high school, but not before having the time of your life and helping your friends find happiness.

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You got: Frenchy

You’re Frenchy! You are shy and quiet, but you aren’t afraid to go along with your friends’ crazy ideas. You love anything to do with fashion and always make sure that you look good. You will do anything to achieve your dreams, even drop out of school. You’re loyal to your friends and you’re great to have at any sleepover!

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You got: Jan

You’re Jan! You might find yourself saying “are you gonna eat that?” pretty often. Maybe you don’t get as much attention as Marty, but hey: only one of you had a date to the dance, and it wasn’t her. You find humor in everything, and everyone seems to like having you around. You love dancing, but not as much as you love watching your friends dance (and embarrass themselves). One thing’s for sure: you’re just as sweet as all those Twinkies you keep in your backpack!

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