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21 Fantastic Swedish YouTubers OTHER Than PewDiePie

YES, there are more (and better) YouTubers from Sweden than just PewDiePie! You've really been missing out! Whether you're interested in learning the Swedish language, fascinated by the culture or just looking for a new channel to follow where you'll get some unique content, there is something for everyone on the Swedish side of YouTube!

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Robert, also known as Robbaz, is a Swedish gaming YouTuber. He is most well known for his Skyrim, Kerbal Space Program and Sims 3 videos, however he has played a wide variety of games. His commentary is pretty funny, however also pretty NSFW. (Generalization: Swedes swear a lot...) All of his many, MANY videos are in English.

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

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Looking for a NSFW, crazy, over-the-top and just downright confusing cooking channel? Look no further than Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time (ROSMT for short)! ROSMT is inspired by Epic Meal Time and is the work of Niclas Lundberg, Isak Anklew, Niklas Niklas Odén, Anders Söderman, and Tom Brännström. Honestly, I just do not have words to properly describe this channel. It has to be experienced. All of their videos are in Swenglish (a Swedish/English hybrid) with Swenglish captions available. Even with no Swedish language knowledge, you will be able to understand almost everything with or without the captions. (I say "understand" lightly as I just don't know if there is a way to really understand any of this... but it's funny!)

Simone Giertz

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Simone has made a name for herself on YouTube by creating "shitty robots" to automate everyday tasks. Her channel is full of videos of her own robotic creations (which typically aren't really practically useful) and videos of her attempts to learn how to be an astronaut. Before you ask, YES, she is Swedish. She just sounds American to confuse you. All of Simone's videos are in English with the exception of the first one on her channel ("Hej från Amerika") which does have English captions.


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Comedic trio Emil, Victor, and Joel create original 2-8 minute scripted videos. They also have a second channel called IJustWantToBeCool2 which consists mainly of behind the scenes looks at their main channel videos. All videos are entirely in Swedish, however some videos have English captions and humor has a funny way of transcending language!

Therese Lindgren

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Therese Lindgren is the most popular female YouTuber in Sweden, and rightly so! Her videos are funny, encouraging and informative! They consist mostly of vlogs focusing on lifestyle, mental & physical health, veganism, and beauty. She is also the author of two books, "Ibland mår jag inte så bra" ("Sometimes I Don't Feel So Good") and "Vem bryr sig?" ("Who Cares?"). While many of her video titles are in English, Therese's videos are all in Swedish and unfortunately very few have English captions. You'll still likely enjoy them anyway and maybe you'll even find that you understand more Swedish than you thought!

Clara Henry

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Clara Henry is not just a YouTuber-- she is also a blogger, television presenter, comedian and the author of "Ja, jag har mens hur så?" ("I've Got My Period. So What?"). Her videos on YouTube are a mix of vlogs, collabs (some with well-known American YouTubers like Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Miranda Sings), challenges (one with ED SHEERAN!) and so many videos normalizing menstruation (YES GIRL!) and other female-empowering topics. With the exceptions of her collaboration videos with English-speakers, all of Clara's videos are in Swedish. Thankfully, almost all of them do have English captions!

Evelina Forsell

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Evelina is a fantastic Swedish "beautuber"! She focuses primarily on beauty looks, though some are on a more extreme side. She also does makeup reviews, hair color & styling, makeup & clothing hauls, lookbooks, and some fantasy looks. You'll also find a few non-beauty vidoes such as Q&A's, chitchats, and a couple of vlogs sprinkled in. All of Evelina's videos are in English.

Katrin Berndt

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Katrin makes a variety of videos including general lifestyle (home organizing/decluttering, tattoos, running), fashion & beauty (makeup/GRWM, clothing hauls, hair styling), and vlogs that include her boyfriend, fellow-YouTuber, Sonny Svensson, and their two French Bulldogs, Rascal and Menace. She also occasionally does videos teaching the Swedish language and has started a series of videos entirely in Swedish (spoken slowly) to help people that are interested in learning the language. Kat also has a second channel (Kat's Kompisar) where she allows her followers from across the globe to submit videos and further engage with one another. Outside of the videos teaching Swedish and occasional conversation with others in her vlogs, Kat's videos are in English.

Jenny Mustard

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Jenny's channel is an aesthetic dream. Scrolling through her videos is like scrolling through an expertly curated Instagram profile. Her videos are primarily lifestyle videos touching on topics such as self-improvement, minimalism, veganism, health & wellness, relationships, wardrobes, goals & planning, recipes, and DIY's, sprinkled with a few challenges and collabs for good measure. Everyone can find something they're interested in and something that will help improve their lives on Jenny's channel. All of Jenny's videos are in English!

Miranda Hedman

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Miranda's channel focuses on all things makeup and beauty! Many of her videos are beauty looks, but she also does well-known characters from TV and movies as well as some FX. She also occasionally does Q&A's, hauls and vlog-style travel videos. Her videos are all in English.


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Konrad and Olle, the guys behind STHLM Panda, produce some harmless pranks and funny videos, but they are known for orchestrating social experiments, filmed primarily via hidden camera, exposing injustices and promoting peace, kindness, and dignity. Konrad also has a second channel with his girlfriend, Emma, called (shock) Emma och Konrad. Almost all of their videos are in Swedish, however most have English captions.

Moa Murderess ENG

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Moa's channel is a colorful mix of vlogs, fashion & beauty (including some SFX makeup), DIY's and recipes! Whether you're looking for a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe, a 2-minute bun tutorial, or if you just want to laugh at a Swede trying to speak Russian (or Finish or Norwegian, etc), there is something for everyone on Moa's Channel! All of the videos on her channel are in English, HOWEVER Moa also has a second channel (Moa Murderess SWE) where you will get very similar content, but all in Swedish (with no English captions).

Rebecca Ellie

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Rebecca's channel is another multi-faceted channel out of Sweden focusing primarily on beauty and lifestyle videos. You will find all kinds of video styles, such as vlogs, tutorials, hauls, unboxings, DIY's, Q&A's, challenges, GRWM, and even a couple videos about how to speak Swedish. Her videos are primarily in English, though there is sometimes Swedish conversation to which she adds English captions.

Klara Elvira

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Klara's channel is also a great blend of styles and topics. You will find vlogs, hauls, taste tests, makeup & beauty tools reviews, tutorials, and more! All of her videos are in English (EXCEPT just one vlog in Swedish with English captions and one portion of a Q&A with Swedish that also has English captions).

Crazy Pictures

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The Crazy Pictures team does so much more than just make videos- they create (very) short comedic films. The production value is unlike anything else you find on YouTube (at least outside of YouTube Red). All of their sketches are performed in Swedish and most have English captions.

Sonny Svensson

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Sonny's channel offers lots of variety including gaming, music (primarily metal), cooking, beard-care, challenges and clothing hauls but does focus primarily on vlogs where you will also see a lot of his girlfriend, fellow-YouTuber, Katrin, and their Frenchies, Rascal and Menace.

This Colorful World

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Lisa, a Swede, and Lauren, an American, are a married couple living in Sweden. Their videos focus primarily on their lifestyle, travels, and relationship, as well as the differences (and similarities!) between Sweden and America. With the exception of a few videos which are specifically about the Swedish language, their videos are all in English.

Sanna Haydon

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Sanna's channel is a wonderful blend of vlogs, hauls, weird/funny Swedish things, and hilarious tags & challenges often involving her many, many sisters. Seriously this girl has the MOST sisters... Almost all of her videos are in English and she always has captions for the Swedish bits.


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Nackagubben loves languages and gaming. On his channel you will get lots of videos about Swedish, as well as other Scandinavian languages and gaming videos such as Borderlands, Fez, Rocket League and more! Many of this videos are collabs with other Scandinavian YouTubers. While many languages are discussed/taught on his channel, the videos are primarily in English and non-English words are always translated.

Say It In Swedish

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Say It In Swedish is a YouTube channel accompanying, both run by Joakim. A fun and super useful channel for English-speakers wanting to learn more about Sweden and the Swedish language!

r o s s v l o g s

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Ok, ok.. Ross is not a Swede... But I stuck him in anyway! Ross is a Brit who packed up his life to move to Stockholm to live with his girlfriend! He may not be a native Swede, but his videos revolve around living in Sweden - the language, the culture, the people, the food, etc! His videos are in English, save for the few videos when he is attempting to speak Swedish.

Who did I miss??

There are SO MANY great YouTubers that ONLY speak Swedish and do not have English captions which were intentionally left out. Maybe they'll be in another list! Comment your favorite Swedish YouTubers below (English or Swedish speakers!)! Hej då!

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