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Good Ol' Southern Comfort Food

Price's Chicken Coop is located in the heart of South End! The have the best chicken around, but that's not the only thing they serve! If you're looking for that perfect piece of fried chicken, this is the place to be at!

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Price's Chicken Coop

This small joint opened up in 1962 when two brothers wanted to expand their wholesale chicken business into a takeout spot! D. Talmadge Price and his brother Pat opened up Price's to serve the perfect lunch pack! Talmadge's son Steve now runs the business, but nothing has changed since the 1960's, except the store sign! This joint is still running things like they used to and the restaurant still looks exactly the same! But people don't come here for fancy decor...they come for the fried food!

Price's Menu

Price's has a variety to chose from like BBQ, burgers, and fish, but people come for their signature fried chicken! If you don't believe me, Price's made an appearance on Food Network and Travel Channel for their delicious food! Their menu also includes southern sides like gizzards, livers, hushpuppies, potato salad, slaw, and french fries! And don't forget the dessert, homemade pie and brownies! Not only is the food good, but the prices are too! You can eat a full meal for under $10!

The Experience

You can smell the peanut oil and chicken whenever you pass by this joint! But watch out...the line is always out the door and they don't have a sitting area, so you have to take your food to go! Many people like to pick up their food and head outside to enjoy the beautiful South End area! The hours for this famous joint are Tuesday-Saturday 10a.m-6p.m.


This is an article written on Price's Chicken Coop for Our State Magazine! The article talks about the family history, the best item to get, and why this place is so popular here in Charlotte!


Craving fried chicken and southern comfort food? Price's Chicken Coop in South End is waiting for you! #SouthEnd #AwardWinningFood

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