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16 Reasons Why You Need To Watch “Girlfriends”

Maya's "oh, hell no!" will always be iconic.

Netflix adding Girlfriends to their library was one of the few great things about 2020. The show may have ended over a decade ago, but there are sooo many reasons why you need to be watching it right now– here are just 16 of them!

1. It stars four Black women as the leads.

2. And it shows the importance of strong friendships.

3. Because you need a bit of Toni’s confidence.

4. It teaches you that it's never too late to chase your dreams and aspirations.

5. It explores important discussions on topics such as colourism...

6. ...And HIV and AIDs awareness.

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UPN / The CW

Girlfriends aired an HIV/AIDS-related episode as part of 'KNOW HIV/AIDS' global media campaign aimed at raising awareness through television and radio channels. The episode addressed misconceptions about the virus in a way that was informative, and it encouraged viewers to have discussions about it.

7. Becuase you can learn a thing or two from Lynn about being free-spirited.

8. But you might also relate to her apparent phobia to adulting.

9. Joan teaches us how to be assertive when moving in male-dominated spaces.

10. And she shows us that you can also be stylish in the process.

11. Mays’s witty comebacks.

12. And of course her legendary "oh, hell no!"

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UPN / The CW

It's the most versatile phrase in the history of TV, and definitely something you won't be able to resist saying in real life. Not that I practice it at home... 👀

13. Because we all need an “honorary girlfriend” like William.

14. It shows that it's good to go to therapy.

15. And the importance of having good boundaries and being able to say "no!"

16. And finally, the theme song.

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Okay, I'll admit the theme tune is agonizingly slow, but as hard as you try to resist you can't help but sing along. By season eight, you'll have the harmonies down.

All eight seasons of Girlfriends are available to stream on Netflix – enjoy!