Khloé Kardashian Revealed Her Son Tatum's Adorable Face For The First Time — And, My Gosh, He Is A Spitting Image Of Rob

    "Our little Armenian Man 🇦🇲"

    Khloé Kardashian showed her son Tatum's adorable face yesterday in a birthday post on Instagram.

    closeup of khloe

    Tatum was only a few months old when the family filmed the current season of The Kardashians, but in real-time, the adorable tot turned one yesterday.

    Khloé lovingly wrote: "Happy birthday, my sweet son! I am a firm believer in that God gives you what you need and I needed you. God knew my heart needed you. I needed your sweet and precious smile. I needed your angelic spirit. I needed a love only you could give me. I needed my son."

    "I am so proud to be your mommy. So proud of the love and laughter we have in our house. So proud of your beautiful, gentle, loving, infectious spirit. You light up every single room. There’s no denying that Everyone smiles when they look at you! Especially True 🥹 she is so proud to call you hers."

    She continued: "Tatum, You have changed mine and True’s lives forever. We both needed you. I knew she would be a fantastic, loving older sister, but I don’t think I ever could’ve imagined the love and bond you guys already have."

    Khloé added that Tatum reminded her of "Uncle Bob," her brother Rob Kardashian. She also mentioned her late father, the senior Rob Kardashian, who inspired Tatum's middle name.

    "I cannot believe you are already one 🥹 happy first birthday my sweet sweet baby. You are my SONshine, My only SONshine. You make me happy, every day. You'll never quite know dear, How much I love you, But I’ll do my best and show you every day. Mommy and TuTu love you, our little Armenian Man. 🇦🇲"

    Tristan Thompson also posted a shout-out for his son's first birthday.

    There were a few more birthday shout-outs from the family. Kris Jenner also shared snaps of the adorable one-year-old and thanked him for "bringing even more love into our hearts, and for your precious personality and your sweet, sweet, happy spirit every single day."

    Auntie Kim Kardashian also posted, dubbing Tatum as "Rob’s twin!" and saying that "auntie loves you SO MUCH ♾️🩶"

    Uncle Scott, or the Lord, as we know him, sent a lavish of flowers along with a plushy teddy bear swinging on top.

    The weekend ended with Khloé and Tristan throwing Tatum an out-of-this-world, space-themed party attended by family and friends. Take a peep below.

    On top of the gorgeous space-themed landscaping, there were several art stations dedicated to play-doh, painting, and slime-making.

    So. Much. Glitter! I love it.

    Take a look at the little rockets behind every chair!

    Do I spy Kendall at the kid's slime station?

    kid station with slime and kendall in the corner looking at the supplies The detailing on these sweet treats looks too pretty to eat.

    Here's Khloé and Tate, and Khloé and Dream — Tate's cousin, and Rob and Blac Chyna's daughter.

    Dang. The Kardashians, they really do know how to throw a party.

    Happy first birthday, Tatum! 🎈