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    Iggy Azalea Was Kicked Off The Stage After Splitting Her Pants Open Performing At An Event In Saudi Arabia

    Latex sounds like no fun on stage.

    Iggy Azalea just experienced one of those moments you randomly think about at 3 a.m.

    closeup of her

    The rapper, who headlined the esports event, Gamers8, in Saudi Arabia yesterday, had "an embarrassing moment" when she split her pants open on stage.

    her and her dancers on stage

    In the middle of performing, "Work," Iggy's black latex pants split down one of the sides, revealing her thigh and leg.

    Unfortunately, the show couldn't go on. Iggy shared in a since-deleted Instagram post that she had to "end the show" after the incident.

    her performing with dancers

    To clear any fault with those involved in putting together the concert, Iggy made sure to thank the "promoters," who she wrote were "amazingly kind," and thanked the crowd for being the "most supportive."

    closeup of her singing

    The "Money Come" rapper also took to Twitter (sorry, or is it X?) to further explain why she wasn't able to finish her performance.

    Iggy explained it was due to the "authorities" who prevented her from continuing to perform. Then, when asked why she couldn't just change and return to the stage, she answered:

    i did but i also said, ladies make some noise, it's a woman's world and apparently that sent the authorities over the edge

    Up next for Iggy is a stop in Brazil on Sept. 2, which the rapper let fans know she now has second thoughts about when it comes to wearing latex for the show.

    Twitter: @IGGYAZALEA

    But thankfully, she has new pants!

    Twitter: @IGGYAZALEA