According To This Interview, Ben Affleck Probably Doesn't Miss Living With Matt Damon

    Guess which Oscar winner is fine with maggots in the house...

    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are the dream team when it comes to collaborating, friendship, and business, but as roommates? Maybe not so much.

    closeup of the two on the red carpet

    Ben spilled the goss about the living habits of his favorite collaborator on The Late Late Show With James Corden, telling James about his “beautiful” and “brilliant” best friend who, as it turns out, is quite the mess as a roommate.

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    Way back when, Ben and Matt — along with Ben’s brother, Casey — were all roommates early on in their careers.

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    Ben shared that while the brothers cleaned up after Matt — "for years," he stressed — they were getting tired of the status quo. So, they decided to see how long it would take for Matt to pick up the slack. Well, they were in for a surprise.

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    It took about two weeks for the brothers to realize they were no match for Matt. They came home one day to find Matt in shorts, playing the '92 Sega hockey game surrounded by, Ben's words, "concentric circles of garbage."

    On top of that, in an old take-out container of what was once perhaps sushi, there were now maggots living inside of it. "Hey, what's going on fellas?" Matt responded, according to Ben.

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    "We submit," Ben exclaimed at the memory. "You are too good. We cannot beat you."

    ben and jimmy sitting in front of a screen with matt throwing his arms up in victory

    Ben attributes Matt's ability to block things out as one of the reasons why Matt is such a great actor because of how he can really "focus" in the moment. He also counts this quality as to why his friend's tolerance for mess is quite high.

    According to Ben, Matt apparently has also "never paid a bill" while living together.

    Ben on stage

    But despite all the nuggets of tea dropped on how Matt Damon is a messy roommate, fans can chalk up these anecdotes as two long-time friends and their growing pains going through life together in their 20s.

    young matt and ben holding their awards

    Considering they even shared a bank account at one point in their lives, Ben states Matt as someone who's been "great to him [his] whole life" and his "best friend."

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    You can watch the full interview here.