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10 Of The Best Broadway Musicals Ever!

This is a post about 10 of the best Broadway musicals of all time. Comment what you think!

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1. Wicked

Come on now... did you really think this wasn't going to be #1?

2. Heathers

Relatable high school drama but with a twist... Iconic

3. Avenue Q

Inappropriate Sesame Street that teaches adults how to function and deal with "grown up" problems. I'd say this is a shoe in for #3.

4. Hairspray

You Cant Stop The Beat because its too catchy to not be on this list!

5. Les Miserable

Do You Hear The People Sing that this is a top 5 favorite musical?

6. Rent

All four seasons could never amount to how much we love this musical! (See what I did there?)

7. Shrek The Musical

One of our movies turned into a musical? YES!!!!

8. Phantom of the Opera

Who doesn't love a creepy phantom sweeping you off your feet?

9. The Addams Family

When Your An Addams, you make the list

10. Aladdin

If you loved Friend Like Me the musical makes it 10 times better!

And of course Hamilton but that's a given

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