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    17 Chocolate Snacks I'm Seriously Obsessed With And Can't Live Without In My Daily Life

    Chocolate lover forever.

    I know everyone goes wild for chocolate, but I'm really curious if you go more WILD than me...


    For me, just looking at chocolate and not getting to eat is absolute torture.


    So, I wanted to share all my favorite chocolate snacks:

    1. Oreos

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    These sweet, creamy, and chocolaty cookies just make my mouth water whenever I see them. This snack is a must to me, since I get tired and stressed easily. If you're going out for a ride or an event, it's really good to have a pack of Oreos in your bag. Am I the only one that's so obsessed with Oreos?

    2. Chocolate protein bar

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    Protein bars are one of the most important snacks I keep, especially that's chocolate. Instead of getting sleep, it actually helps if you eat one of these for charging your energy. It's a little bit different from normal chocolate snacks since it is healthy. I recommend to buy these at least 6 packs so you don't have to stay tired at home while working or studying.

    3. Hershey's chocolate bar


    Although almost every chocolate bar I've tried was really tasty, I personally like Hershey's the best. It has the original taste, and it's very rich and creamy. Having a bar for yourself during midnight is perfect. It helps to concentrate and be awake.

    4. Chocolate muffins

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    Chocolate muffins are good for a mid-morning snack when you are half awake and half asleep. These have really simple steps and easy instructions to bake, so I prefer eating these as homemade. It's also good for a simple breakfast when you don't have time and is late for school or work.

    5. Chocolate-dipped pretzels

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    I can't leave the house without a pack of chocolate pretzels. It's good to melt a chocolate bar and try coating them on the pretzels by yourself, especially with dark chocolate. White chocolate and milk chocolate is also great, but a bit of bitter taste goes well with the salty pretzels.

    6. Chocolate biscuit sticks

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    These are really light but has the best taste from biscuits. You can easily make these by just buying a pack of biscuit sticks and a chocolate bar. It's usually not too sweet becuase there's only a bit of chocolate. If you want a bit more sweetness, you probably should put some sprinkles or caramel sauce.

    7. Chocolate cake pops

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    Cake pops are so delicious. They taste really good after putting them in the freezer for a while. It gets really crunchy on the outside part and gets a bit cold which makes it more charming. Having these is good for a simple dessert after a meal.

    8. Chocolate fudge

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    People might think that fudge is just a dessert, but if you cut it into small slices, it turns into a great snack. It's delicious with a cup of milk after exercising, and when you need a little refresh after working.

    9. Chocolate pudding

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    Chocolate pudding is a legendary snack. I'm actually not that fond of puddings, but if it's chocolate, I go for it. Chocolate always saves the original taste into something more modern and tasty. Chocolate pudding is very creamy and sweet, and they are perfect for a mid-afternoon snack when you want something to eat that's not too heavy.

    10. Chocolate chip cookies

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    Chocolate chip cookies are also pleasing. It's something everybody likes, and for me, I'm really obsessed with it. Whenever I bake butter cookies, I always put chocolate pieces and turn them into chocolate chip butter cookies. These are perfect for hiking when you want some rest.

    11. Chocolate donuts

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    I love to eat these when I sometimes go to a mall or an amusement park with my family. Chocolate donuts are so tasty, and it's better with chocolate chips on. I also love double chocolate donuts with chocolate cream inside. Having coffee and a chocolate donut on a Saturday night during a weekend party is supreme.

    12. Chocolate macarons

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    These rich cookies are so delightful. I wish they came in a bigger size so I could just eat without worrying how much is going to be left. These tiny treats are lovely for a simple teatime dessert, and I also like the ones with chocolate icing on because it makes the macarons more chocolaty.

    13. Chocolate-dipped Madeleines

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    Chocolate + Madeleines. This combo is a perfect match because it tastes sweeter. Just original Madeleines tend to be a little too plain, but with chocolate-dipped, it becomes a sweeter treat. Chocolate Madeleines are good with a morning tea, right after breakfast.

    14. Chocolate ice cream

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    Chocolate ice cream is a supreme dessert and snack. When you're a bit stressed or tired while studying, it helps you to concentrate because it's refreshing. I think about two scoops are a good amount if you're eating it as a snack.

    15. Chocolate raspberry tart

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    Chocolate and raspberry tarts are one of my favorite. These have rich French cream inside, and a chocolate biscuit on the outside. It always make me smile whenever I eat it, and makes my day. It's fun to eat these by starting with the cream and the raspberry with a spoon.

    16. Chocolate rice cookies

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    I think everyone has this at least once because it's all over the world. These are rice crackers with chocolate coated on the top. I prefer to have these with a thick layer of chocolate because it makes the crackers more sweet and charming. It also comes with strawberry, raspberry, and other different kinds of chocolate too.

    17. And chocolate cupcakes

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    Chocolate cupcakes are really tasty and they are one of the most chocolaty dessert/snacks. You could eat them without the frosting on the top, but then it wouldn't really look like a cupcake, so I recommend to keep it. If you think it's too sweet, making the bread plain without the chocolate flavour could be a good idea too. These are great for parties, and it's simple to bake.