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    Here Are My Rankings Of Regina George's Outfits From "Mean Girls" From Fetch To Fugly

    Regina's Halloween costume was SO fetch.

    1. Her Halloween outfit

    Regina George at a high school halloween party in a revealing bunny costume

    2. Her light-pink prom dress

    Regina trying on her dress while the other Plastics look on

    3. Her Christmas outfit

    Regina and cady posing at the end of their Jingle Bell Rock performance

    4. Her silver puffer coat outfit

    Regina outside of Cady's party with a mouthful of Kälteen Bar

    5. Her pink tank top with the iconic "R"

    Regina sitting on her fancy bed, speaking on an old home phone

    6. Her black top

    Regina george skulking through the high school with a devious look in her eye

    7. Her purple, off-the-shoulder top

    Regina looking confused and angry yet flawless as she realizes she's not getting a special candy cane delivery

    8. Her blue sports outfit

    A group of students carrying regina on their shoulders as if she's royalty

    9. Her black top with the pink collar

    Regina smiling a fake smile while sitting at the lunch table

    10. Her pink top and black skirt

    Regina, the other Plastics, and Aaron Samuels walking through the halls of high school and looking cool

    11. And last on the list – her cut-out shirt

    Regina George looking down at her shirt with holes cut in it, revealing her bra