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    Can You Get Through This Post Without Admitting Bats Are Actually Kinda Cute?

    Hear me out!

    1. Of all the animals in the world, bats aren’t usually on the top of anyone’s cute list. But WHY NOT, I say!

    2. Sure, they do have creepy little fingers...

    Adam Cox / Via

    3. ...and their wings are a lil' freaky.

    @austbatclinic / Via

    4. But you can get past all of that for a little baby bat burrito, can’t you?

    @batsqld / Via

    5. Yes, yes you can.

    @batsqld / Via

    6. Like look at this little guy, Jeddeh. He loves getting pats.

    Megabattie / Via

    7. Or this gal, Blossom, who loves brushies.

    Adam Cox / Via

    8. And milk!

    Adam Cox / Via

    9. This bat loves mango.

    10. And this one loves grapes.

    Megabattie / Via

    11. And this one's all like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    12. Would you take a look at these little pipsqueaks?

    Konrad Wothe / Getty Images

    They're Honduran white bats!

    13. They look like tiny Pokémon!

    Juan Carlos Vindas / Getty Images

    14. And this bat is a little different looking, but his name is Ruffles and how precious is that?

    15. And speakin' of precious, this is Peekaboo!

    16. So yeah! Bats are pretty cute.

    Adam Cox / Via

    17. Maybe not the cutest animal of all time, but they're up there!

    @batsqld / Via

    Note: The bats featured in this post are either wild or rescues — not pets!

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