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    These Sad Dogs Outside Shops Will Make You Cry

    Let the dogs in.

    "Sad Dogs Outside Shops" is a Facebook page chronicling the sad but regular appearance of dogs outside shops, earnestly waiting for their owners to return.

    It's... kinda heartbreaking.

    Hundreds of photos of dogs have been submitted to the page, exposing the world for what it is: cold and harsh and cruel.

    Andy, the creator of Sad Dogs Outside Shops, is originally from Ireland and started the page a few years ago after he noticed all the dogs in Australia tied up on the sidewalk.

    Facebook: saddogsoutsideshops

    "I’ve always loved dogs but it wouldn’t be fair to have a dog in our apartment so the only exposure I get is sad ones paws-ing outside shops," he told BuzzFeed News. "The more I look for them the more I [see] them!"

    Turns out it wasn't just Andy who found the sad puppers interesting, with others submitting their own sad dog pictures.

    Facebook: saddogsoutsideshops

    "I reckon 90% of the photos are submitted by followers of Sad Dogs," he said. "I get them from all over the world now and many of the pictures are of really high quality... we are slowly building a Sad Dogs community."

    Andy says people empathise with the dogs and can't help but feel an emotional connection.

    Facebook: saddogsoutsideshops

    "The dogs are alone, look miserable and are usually happy to get a pat on the head."

    "In a fast-paced world where a large portion of human interactions are done online, this is a very visual and genuinely emotive encounter."

    Sad Dogs Outside Shops has more than 4,000 members. You can join it here and feel sad too.

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    Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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